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Best Summer Camp Locations in Washington

It’s that time of year when we all start to dream of long, sunny days spent frolicking in an alpine meadow or on a beach…if you’re wondering where to send your child for summer camp to have their dream outdoor experience, look no further! Our suggestions for the best summer camp locations in Washington will […]

Best Summer Camp Locations in California

Deciding where to send your child to summer camp can be such an overwhelming experience. If you’re considering anywhere in California, we can help. California is covered with many magnificent natural spaces that can enhance kids’ time spent at camp. It’s hard to be homesick when the scenery is stunning and the activities exciting. We […]

The Psychological Benefits of Outdoor Summer Camp

Two kids splashing water in a lake.

Do you find yourself reminiscing about the days you spent tromping around the creek? Or scuffing your knees as you dropped quickly to clasp a wriggling lizard? Or the quietude of your favorite bush spot where you read and held councils for your assembled fabric confidants?  Do you wonder what is happening to your kids […]

2023 Backpacking Summer Camp Trips Highlights

Backpacking Summer Camp trips are how Lasting Adventures all got started. In 1997, Lasting Adventures’ founder and CEO, Scott Gehrman, went on every trip in Yosemite with the kids, leading each group up Half Dome (no permits required!) despite his intense fear of heights. They slept out under the stars (and occasionally under some bears […]

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