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Mist Trail / Nevada Fall Loop

Mist Trail/Nevada Fall Loop

Trip Highlights:

Yosemite's Most Popular Trail

Incredible Waterfalls

John Muir & Panorama Trails

For waterfall lovers that can handle an uphill climb, the Mist Trail & Nevada Fall Loop Day Hike is for you!  This hike gets you right up next to two of Yosemite’s most well known waterfalls, Vernal and Nevada, and along the eastern edge of the aptly named Panorama Cliff. You will complete your circle and return to the valley via the famous John Muir Trail offering new perspectives of the waterfalls you just hiked beside. All tours are private.

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April 15 – November 30


6-8 Hours

Mileage & Difficulty:

7.2 Miles


1-2 People: $600
3-4 People: $700
5+ People: $150-/Person

All Tours Are Private

Departs From:

Meeting Time:

8 am
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Yosemite Reservations: Participation in Lasting Adventures programs, trips, and/or tours includes entry during any time period when reservations are needed to enter Yosemite.

Meeting Location: Curry Village Tour Kiosk at 4,035′
High Point: Panorama Trail: 6,620′
Elevation Gain & Loss: 2,585′

To start off the day, you will meet your guide at 8 am in Yosemite Valley’s Curry Village by the Tour Desk. After brief introductions, safety warnings and precautions, and a brief overview of the day, we will begin the hike warming up with a sociable, short, flat and paved mile to the Mist Trail trailhead near Happy Isles visitor center. This is where the uphill charge begins.

From Happy Isles, it is a strenuous mile trek on a paved trail to the base of Vernal Fall, where there will be public restrooms and running water for use. The next ½ mile following takes us up a steep and strenuous misty, granite staircase alongside 317-foot Vernal Fall, ascending a quick 400 vertical feet. Be prepared to get wet during this long but gorgeous half mile. Reaching the top of the stair-like Mist Trail brings us atop Vernal Fall where you will see the stunning waterfall from nearly every possible perspective. After admiring the gorgeous scenery and a brief history of the area, we will continue another strenuous mile ascending 600 vertical feet to reach the top of 594’ Nevada Fall. This mile brings us alongside the waterfall up a more strenuous and less distinct granite staircase than the first, but will luckily be our last rocky hiking of the day. We will enjoy a relaxation break here at the top of the powerful Nevada Fall, taking time to enjoy the unmatched natural landmarks and sites from our vantage point as we eat lunch.

We will continue on an easy and flat ½ mile or so to the John Muir Trail/Panorama Trail Junction, where we will conquer our last uphill trek. From here, there is an optional 700 vertical foot climb up a mile section of about 20 switchbacks to connect with the Panorama Trail at our high point of the day of 6,620’ in elevation. Reaching this destination makes for a nice time to photo-shoot and relax. When ready, we will make a u-turn and head back down the mile-long switchback section we came up, but rather than retracing our steps to the top of Nevada Fall and down the Mist Trail, we will take a left, heading West and descending 2,000 feet, down the 3.5 mile-long John Muir trail.

The John Muir trail follows the Merced River from the south, whereas the Mist Trail stays north of the river. The higher vantage Muir trail offers unique perspectives of Nevada Fall, the abrupt rise of Liberty Cap, and the South face of the famous Half Dome, and is a much less stressful hike down than that of the rocky staircases of the Mist Trail. The John Muir Trail will return us to the bridge at the base of Vernal Fall where you will once again find public restrooms and running water. The next mile backtracks us a mile down the familiar paved trail to Happy Isles. Once in Happy Isles, we will cool down with a short mile alongside the valley’s road to Curry Village, where our day will end right where it began.


  • All tours are private.
  • Guide(s) carry first aid kits, water purification methods, toilet paper (for emergencies), suntan lotion and bug repellent. Please plan to bring your own lunch, snacks, water bottles, etc.
  • Should weather, fire, and/or delayed seasonal openings affect the chosen itinerary, a different itinerary will be offered. You will be kept in contact throughout this process.


In addition to full payment, the final acceptance of any participant is subject to receipt and review of all the Required Forms. These forms are also attached to your confirmation email once you register online.

We will require an additional medical release for any guests on multi-day trips, any “Half Dome in a Day” hiker, or any guest who is currently under the care of a physician for any ongoing disease, illness, or any other condition/factor that may be a concern on the trip.


All trips are subject to itinerary changes for various reasons, including, but not limited to permitting, weather, forest fires, park or public land closures, and/or road closures. In most situations, we will offer an alternative itinerary of equal value and quality or a credit equal to the total amount paid through the end of the following season. Payments are non-refundable for itinerary changes. If a trip is canceled before its start date due to circumstances beyond our control, a credit equal to the total amount paid will be issued.


Lasting Adventures understands that firearm laws and policies vary in each of the areas in which we operate. Regardless of local laws and policies, Lasting Adventures does not allow firearms on our trips. Participants who bring firearms will not be allowed to participate while possessing them.


See our Coupon Use Terms and Conditions.


For your protection and ours, we strongly recommend the purchase of Travel Insurance, which can provide you with coverage for trip cancellation/interruption (including COVID-19), travel delay, medical expenses, emergency assistance, airfare, and baggage loss/delay to protect your financial investment. We recommend those with “cancel for any reason” clauses included. See reviews of some of the best Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance Options presented by Forbes or Squaremouth. Other good student options include InsureMyTrip and Allianz Travel Insurance for Students.

Travel Insurance is the easiest and best way to protect yourself and our smaller non-profit organization against last-minute cancellations. We are happy to provide timely and accurate documentation for any insurance claim related to our trips when requested. Please remember that when canceling a reservation, you must first contact the company responsible for ensuring your reservation.


Full payment is required upon registration for day trips.

When registering online, expect to pay a booking fee of 3.0% (which is capped at $30) and a processing fee of 2.7% (no cap). These fees can be avoided when paying by check. For detailed information, see our Payment Options page.


Lasting Adventures reserves the right to cancel trips. If a trip is canceled due to circumstances beyond our control, a credit equal to the total amount paid will be issued. Lasting Adventures is not responsible for additional expenses incurred while preparing for the trip.

The following cancellation policy is only for trips booked directly through our official website, If you have booked via a third-party website (such as TripAdvisor/Viator,, or 57Hours), the below policy does not apply, and you are held to the third-party’s cancellation policy.

Day Hike Cancellation Policy

  • More than 30 days before the trip date, we will grant a full refund, minus $25/person, and a 2.7% processing fee for credit card transactions.
  • With 72 hours’ notice, we will retain 50% of the total trip cost.
  • Within 72 hours, no refunds or credits will be issued.


Half Dome in a Day Cancellation Policy

  • More than 90 days before the trip date, we will grant a full refund minus $50/person and a 2.7% processing fee for credit card transactions.
  • More than 60 days before the trip date, we will retain 25% of the total trip cost. You may also take a non-refundable credit of the total value paid.
  • Between 60 and 31 days before the trip date, we will retain 50% of the total trip cost. You may also take a non-refundable credit of the total value paid.
  • Less than 31 days before the start date, no refunds or credits will be issued.


48-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation Policy

Any reservation can be canceled within 48 hours of the initial booking, and we will grant you a full refund minus a 2.7% processing fee for credit card transactions. After 48 hours, our standard terms and conditions apply. To cancel, please email us at or leave a voicemail at 800-513-8651. This policy does not apply if the booked trip occurs within 96 hours of the initial booking.

Fire/Smoke Cancellation Policy

Fire/smoke cancellations are considered circumstances beyond our control. If your chosen travel insurance does not cover fire/smoke cancellations, a credit equal to the total amount paid will be issued. If we cancel during your adventure with us, we will issue a non-refundable credit equal to the dollar amount associated with the number of days not used. In both cases, these credits will be lifetime/transferable but non-refundable.

Other Considerations

Departing From a Trip: Once a participant has joined a trip and the trip has begun, no refunds or credits will be issued, regardless of the reason for departure. Costs associated with assisting a participant with evacuating from the wilderness will be passed on to the participant. Travel Insurance is strongly recommended.

Infectious Illness Policy (including COVID): Any participant on any program/trip with any sign/symptom of a potential illness will not be able to participate, and no refund or credits will be given. Many forms of Travel Insurance cover these circumstances. We ask that you screen yourself and/or your child before participating and contact us to cancel if any sign of illness is present. Health screenings can be expected in all youth programs.

Half Dome & Other Summits: Reaching the top of a summit, such as Half Dome, is risky and can be made far worse by inclement weather. While we aim to get everyone to the top, summiting is not guaranteed. Lightning and rain can be deadly on exposed summits, and our experienced guides may have to call off a summit bid if weather conditions are unfavorable. You will not be allowed to summit using a Lasting Adventures permit should the experienced guide decide the conditions are not favorable.


Once you book a trip with Lasting Adventures, the value you paid is valid towards switching to another trip in the current or the coming year, pending available spaces on the new trip. Changes to your booking and conversion to credit must occur more than 30 days before your original start date. Changes within 30 days are subject to fees. Once changed to a lifetime/transferrable credit, credits are non-refundable and are a dollar-for-dollar value.


See our Coupon Use Terms and Conditions.

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April 15 – November 30
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#1 Rated Guide Service in the West

Half Dome in a Day participant, 2021
Half Dome in a Day participant, 2021
Read More
I did a private one-on-one hike with a guide to Half Dome. This was such an amazing experience! The guide was very knowledgeable regarding Yosemite, and I realized I wouldn't have completed it without the help of the guide. His expertise and calmness during the cables really enabled me to push through and complete this amazing hike!”
Day hike guest, 2021
Day hike guest, 2021
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We were a group of 7 family members (ages 22-65 years old), for all of us was our first hiking/backpacking/camping experience. We all have such an amazing yet challenging experience, it was really worthy! Thank you so much to our guides Nicole and Jack for your cheers, your spirit, your cooking, your yoga time, your knowledge and for doing this family trip so great! We really enjoy it!!
Day hike guest, 2021
Day hike guest, 2021
@Lynsey F
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I booked a guided hike for Clouds Rest as I was unsuccessful in my ballot for Half Dome. My friend was unable to make it so I decided to book a guided hike for myself. From beginning to end, Lasting Adventures was great. They replied to me quickly, and my guide was excellent! He offered me hiking poles in case I hadn't taken any and had plenty other essentials on hand.

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