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Joshua Tree National Park Guide Service

A Land of Extremes


Joshua Tree National Park exists at the intersection of the Colorado and Mojave Deserts. A startling variety of plants and animals call this desert junction their home. Above the desert floor, the famous rock piles, sculpted by wind and water stand impressively over this unique landscape. Joshua Tree can feature an extreme range of temperatures from seriously windy and cold to brutally hot. Typically, spring and fall feature pleasant day and nighttime temperatures and are the best time for visitors. Only a few hours drive from Los Angeles, this park has a remote wilderness feel and offers opportunities for adventure at every level.

Joshua Tree National Park Youth Adventures

New in Winter 2023/2024, Lasting Adventures is offering a popularly requested Winter backpacking camp in Joshua Tree National Park!

We offer 5 day backpacking trips through the heart of Joshua Tree National Park for teens ages 13 to 17. All of our Joshua Tree camp participants are outfitted with the best equipment from Gregory Packs, Big Agnes sleeping bags and our other outstanding partners. The primary goal of our Joshua Tree winter youth programs is to provide unforgettable experiences that connect each child with nature, themselves, and the world around them. 

Joshua Tree Backpacking

The subtle beauty of Joshua Tree National Park makes it a special place for backpacking. Spend time in this beautiful park getting to know the landscape. Our custom itineraries will take you to big vista campsites with incredible sunrise or sunset views, past 100 year old mining ruins, and through a bizarre landscape of contorted rock piles. 

Joshua Tree Classic Camping

Joshua Tree has been a classic camping destination for years before it even became a National Park. Join in this tradition by staying in one of the park’s many scenic campgrounds. Enjoy meals cooked by our talented guides, and travel to some iconic, and some farther out destinations in the park. Hikes can include the short but steep walk to the summit of Ryan Mountain (awesome at sunrise or sunset), a tour of the Lost Palm Oasis and Cholla cactus garden, and an exploration of the maze-like wonderland of rocks. 


Day 1 – Ryan Mountain

Day 2 – Lost Palms Oasis, Cholla Garden

Day 3 – Barker Dam, Wonderland of Rocks

Day 4 – Hidden Valley

Joshua Tree Yoga

Only a few hours from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Joshua Tree National Park is a scenic and calm desert sanctuary. Join us for a 4 day yoga weekend at a campground in the park. You will spend your days exploring the local scenery and practicing yoga in a beautiful new setting every day. Our staff will have meals prepared and know all the best spots to watch the sunset. 


Day 1 – Meet and greet

Day 2 – Yoga Morning, Lost Palms Oasis, Cholla Garden, Yoga Evening

Day 3 – Yoga Morning, mid-day meditation, Ryan Mountain Sunset

Day 4 – Departure

Joshua Tree Wilderness Adventure Package

For those who want a taste of everything Joshua Tree has to offer, our Wilderness Adventure Package is the perfect opportunity to sample all of the best of Joshua Tree. Great for visiting families, or even locals who want to get to know the park better, this trip will explore the coolest parts of Joshua Tree on a 4 day multi-sport adventure. After meeting your guide and settling in to camp on night 1, you will wake up refreshed and ready to tackle an overnight backpack on the Boy Scout Trail. This trail wanders through the heart of the park and past a unique landscape of cacti and rock jumbles. After your overnight, spend another night in a frontcountry campsite and enjoy the luxury of a nice meal before your last day. Wake up for a half day of rock climbing among the world famous rock formations of Joshua Tree and a hearty lunch before your drive home.


Day 1 – Meet and greet

Day 2 – Backpacking Boy Scout Trail

Day 3 – Backpacking Boy Scout Trail

Day 4 – Rock Climbing and departure

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