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6 & 13-Day Olympic Young Women’s Program

Olympic Young Women's 13-Day and 6-Day Backpacking Summer Camp Adventure

Trip Highlights:

Diverse Landscapes

Awe-Inspiring Views

Lush Forests

Ages 13-17

Young Women Only

Lasting Memories


Our all-female Young Women’s Backpacking Summer Camp Adventure is aimed at instilling confidence and leadership skills in the next generation of female adventurers! Available in 6-Day and 13-Day sessions, these unique Washington summer camps for girls ages 13-17 are led by our top female guides! Along the way, our knowledgeable outdoor educators focus on showing young women their true potential in both an outdoor setting and in their day-to-day lives, while teaching the practical skills of backpacking and outdoor safety. (Note: youth will be grouped with like ages and between a younger and older group pending actual registrations).

Through our adventure-based programming, campers will be challenged to turn their goals into action on a daily basis, utilizing perseverance and determination to summit mountains and accomplish new feats. Our experienced outdoor educators, who are are trained specifically for the Olympic area, share their knowledge with participants as the group covers between 4 and 8 miles of hiking each day. For young women looking to develop their outdoor skills by fully immersing in some of the world’s most majestic wilderness, the Olympic Young Women’s Backpacking Adventure is the ultimate choice.

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6 Days


6 Days

Mileage & Difficulty

25-30 Miles

Mileage & Difficulty

25-30 Miles


12 pm



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Lasting Adventures will be providing transportation from near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) and the greater Seattle-Tacoma area to our Youth Backpacking Programs in Olympic National Park. Skip the long drive and traffic while helping save the environment.

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2024 Departure Dates by Month

6-Day Adventures


    13-Day Adventures

      Girls Summer Camp: 6-Day or 13-Day Young Women’s Program

      This is a Sample Itinerary only, and reflects the daily activities of our 13-day Young Women’s Adventure.

      For a sample 6-day itinerary, see options on our 6-day Olympic Teen Adventure

      Day 1: Join your guides and fellow campers at 12:00 PM at the Olympic National Park Visitor Center in Port Angeles. We’ll do a quick bag pack and check, map review, and goal setting before catching a shuttle to Rialto Beach to start our hike. As we hike along the beach with towering sea stacks, we’ll cover about 3 miles to reach Sand Point campsite. Here, we’ll relax and learn about marine life as we camp on the beach under a blanket of stars, sharing stories and playing games on the endless stretches of sand.

      Day 2: Start the day with a refreshing stretch and breakfast, followed by our morning circle routine (stretches, map review, goal setting, etc.) before setting out for the approximately 1-mile hike to South Sand Point.

      Day 3: After our morning routine, we’ll set out for 6.5 miles to our first primitive campsite at Norwegian Memorial. The relatively flat terrain offers an awesome interactive experience with the rugged coastline. We’ll spend another night camping on the beach, enjoying the sound of the ocean and each other’s company.

      Day 4: Enjoy a morning stretch and breakfast before setting out for the approximately 5.5-mile hike to our next camp at Chilean. Along the way, we’ll practice navigating tides, hike through the coastal forest above the ocean, learn about geology and biodiversity, and explore the tide pools.

      Day 5: Today, we’ll cover another 5 miles, starting the day with a hearty breakfast before packing up camp and making our way toward Hole in the Wall campground. This is our final night on the coast, so we’ll savor the experience by enjoying each other’s company while playing games, viewing the blanket of stars above our heads, and participating in our beloved bracelet ceremony.

      Day 6: On our last coastal day, we’ll hike out to the trailhead, meet our transport to the Fairholme Boat Launch for pickup where we will be transported to Lost Resort Campground where we will celebrate the halfway point of our journey with ice cream and a re-supply of fresh food and a clean change of clothes.

      Day 7: Today is a well-deserved “Zero Day”. We will rest today and enjoy the area around the campground. There will be an opportunity for some mellow day hiking and we can prepare for the next half of our trip starting tomorrow.

      Day 8: After a night of rest, we will have the chance to sleep in this morning! Our hike today will take us 3.5 miles to picturesque Mink Lake high in the mountains and surrounded by deep, dense forest. We will settle in for our first night in the mountainous backcountry with an entirely different perspective of the same national park.

      Day 9: After our regular morning circle time we will embark on one of our more strenuous days of uphill as we travel to Deer Lake. By now we will have had plenty of practice in trail games and keeping spirits high as we pass through forests draped in mosses and slime molds. There is an alpine lake at camp today, and after we have had time to set up our camp, we will get to wade in the water and relax as we watch the alpine glow of the mountains reflected in the water.

      Day 10: Today will be another long day, hiking over 6 miles to CB Flats Campground. Yes, the day will be strenuous, but after more than a week of hiking together, we will have found a rhythm to make the time pass. We will have the chance to look back on the valleys and lakes below, where we can see just how far we have come already. We will finish our day with a descent past beautiful Hoh Lake and camp in a more secluded area near meadows of wildflowers.

      Day 11: Today we will hike about 5 miles to Sol Duc Park. Along the way, we will hike across the High Divide which provides unparalleled views of the Olympic and Bailey mountain ranges. We will break for lunch at one of the passes and relax near alpine lakes, mountain creeks, and meadows of wildflowers. We might even have the opportunity for sledding and snowball fights! Hiking through the Seven Lakes Basin is an unforgettable experience and our sleep tonight will be well deserved.

      Day 12: On our second to last day, we will have an easier hike. Continuing about 2 miles to the Seven Mile Group Site, we will have the chance to relax for a good part of the day as we prepare to reenter the front country tomorrow. We will take our time identifying all of the flora and fauna of the forest and spend the afternoon learning about the geological, cultural, and human history of this part of the park as we relax in the shade of giant trees near the river.

      Day 13: On our final day we will pass by the famous Sol Duc Falls, reflecting on our long journey, as we descend to the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort by noon for pickup.

      Other: On all of our summer camps, we have a daily circle time in the morning where youth engage in group games, share highlights, offer encouragement and support to each other, stretch, review maps and day itineraries, and set individual and group goals for the day. Also, whether breaking on the trail or in the afternoon or evening at the campsite, our Guides facilitate additional opportunities for youth to develop a personal connection with nature. Problem-solving and initiative games are common as are smiles. Additional outdoor skills are gained as we practice Leave No Trace principles and promote environmental stewardship throughout the length of the program.

      Note: Please remember this is only a sample itinerary and actual itineraries are subject to change. If we are unable to obtain the permits, or if various conditions make this itinerary unfeasible, we will provide an alternative trailhead and itinerary in Olympic National Park.

      Scholarship Application – Every youth deserves this opportunity!

      Meeting/Pickup Times and Locations: 

      Due to the nature of the permitting process, we will be unable to provide the final meeting and pickup location until around two weeks prior to your child’s adventure. Many trips will meet at 12pm at the Olympic National Park Visitor Center in Port Angeles. Another common meeting location might include the Sol Duc Trailhead. A less often used meeting location on the east side of the park would be at the Staircase Campground. A link to a map will be provided in the email announcing the final meeting location for your child’s adventure. You will look for a Lasting Adventures trailer or vehicle. All meeting locations will include parking areas or room to pull off of the road and an area for the youth to go through their gear with the guides and make final decisions on what to bring or leave behind. All pickups occur on Friday, 12 pm.


      Our summer camp programs are purely recreational and should not be confused with a wilderness therapy program. Our staff is trained as summer camp counselors, outdoor educators, and guides, and they are not required nor expected to have training/experience in therapeutic programs. Your child should individually have the desire to participate in this program and should not be sent against their will. Additionally, all participants should have experience at sleepaway camps and/or being away from their parents/guardians for multiple nights. No refunds or credits will be issued for evacuations due to social, emotional, and/or behavioral reasons. In addition, due to said concerns, there will be a minimum fee of $500 for any field evacuation.


      In addition to full payment, the final acceptance of any participant is subject to receipt and review of all the Required Forms. These forms are also attached to your confirmation email once you register online.

      We will require an additional medical release for any guests on multi-day trips, any “Half Dome in a Day” hiker, or any guest who is currently under the care of a physician for any ongoing disease, illness, or any other condition/factor that may be a concern on the trip.


      Although we are able to accommodate many specific dietary constraints and choices, we prepare foods in a facility with peanuts, gluten, soy, and other major allergens and are not certified as an ‘allergen-free’ facility. We take steps to limit the risk of cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee that the foods we prepare will be fully free of major allergens.

      We have experience in accommodating a variety of dietary choices and concerns, including, but not limited to:

      • Vegan and Vegetarian
      • Peanut and/or Tree Nut Allergy
      • Lactose Intolerant
      • Celiac or Gluten-Free
      • Kosher


      If we have questions or concerns about the information on your medical form, we will call you the day before your trip to ensure we are packing foods you are able to eat without issue.


      Lasting Adventures runs “traditional backpacking” trips. This is done without using porters, stock, or other outside assistance. For this trip, you will be expected to carry your personal gear, a share of the group gear, and food in a backpack. The weight can be expected to be 30-50 lb. and no more than the recommended ⅓ of your body weight.

      As needed, it is recommended that participants discuss their ability to fully participate in a backpacking trip with their doctor, including (but not limited to) the ability to carry heavy loads over long distances and strenuous and uneven terrain. Levels of difficulty listed on our website are relative and in no way an objective declaration of difficulty. A regular physical exercise program is recommended before going on your adventure.


      All trips are subject to itinerary changes for various reasons, including, but not limited to permitting, weather, forest fires, park or public land closures, and/or road closures. In most situations, we will offer an alternative itinerary of equal value and quality or a credit equal to the total amount paid through the end of the following season. Payments are non-refundable for itinerary changes. If a trip is canceled before its start date due to circumstances beyond our control, a credit equal to the total amount paid will be issued.


      Due to the nature of backpacking, our guides work long hours. To provide the best possible experience to our guests and guides, we limit the number of hours our guides work to 15 hours per day. Guides will not be required to be available from 9 pm to 6 am unless the group agrees to a different period before this standard break. This varies on our summer camps, where outdoor educators are always available as needed.

      During time off, our guides will be available for emergencies but should be allowed to rest and not be considered available for other purposes outside of working hours. Please don’t request non-time-sensitive assistance from guides during this period. Our guides are also entitled to take 10 minutes every four hours and 30-minute meal breaks every 5 hours, between 6 am and 9 pm.  We appreciate your cooperation with these scheduling requirements.


      Lasting Adventures understands that firearm laws and policies vary in each of the areas in which we operate. Regardless of local laws and policies, Lasting Adventures does not allow firearms on our trips. Participants who bring firearms will not be allowed to participate while possessing them.


      See our Coupon Use Terms and Conditions.


      For your protection and ours, we strongly recommend the purchase of Travel Insurance, which can provide you with coverage for trip cancellation/interruption (including COVID-19), travel delay, medical expenses, emergency assistance, airfare, and baggage loss/delay to protect your financial investment. We recommend those with “cancel for any reason” clauses included. See reviews of some of the best Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance Options presented by Forbes or Squaremouth. Other good student options include InsureMyTrip and Allianz Travel Insurance for Students.

      Travel Insurance is the easiest and best way to protect yourself and our smaller non-profit organization against last-minute cancellations. We are happy to provide timely and accurate documentation for any insurance claim related to our trips when requested. Please remember that when canceling a reservation, you must first contact the company responsible for ensuring your reservation.


      Full payment is preferred for all backpacking trips and youth programs/summer camps. During check-out, you may pay a 50% deposit at the time of booking and the remaining 50% at least 30 days from departure. If choosing this option, you can either complete payment on your own with the self-service link in the confirmation email, or you will be billed automatically at or shortly after the 30-day interval for the remaining amount. Final Lodging/Hiking package payments are due 45 days in advance. Any new multi-day booking made at/within 45 days in advance must be paid in full. Feel free to contact us directly to set up any other payment plan.

      When registering online, expect to pay a booking fee of 3.0% (which is capped at $30) and a processing fee of 2.7% (no cap). These fees can be avoided when paying by check. For detailed information, see our Payment Options page.


      Lasting Adventures reserves the right to cancel trips. If a trip is canceled due to circumstances beyond our control, a credit equal to the total amount paid will be issued. Lasting Adventures is not responsible for additional expenses incurred while preparing for the trip.

      The following cancellation policy is only for trips booked directly through our official website, If you have booked via a third-party website (such as TripAdvisor/Viator,, or 57Hours), the below policy does not apply, and you are held to the third-party’s cancellation policy.

      Multi-Day Adventures/Summer Camps Cancellation Policy

      • More than 90 days before the start date, we will grant a full refund minus a 2.7% processing fee for credit card transactions.
      • Between 90 and 61 days before the start date, we will grant a full refund minus $50/person and a 2.7% processing fee for credit card transactions.
      • Between 60 and 46 days before the start date, we will retain 25% of the total trip cost. You may also take a non-refundable credit of the total value paid.
      • Between 45 and 31 days before the start date, we will retain 50% of the total trip cost. You may also take a non-refundable credit of the total value paid.
      • Less than 31 days before the start date, or once the trip has begun, no refunds or credits will be issued.

      48-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation Policy

      Any reservation can be canceled within 48 hours of the initial booking, and we will grant you a full refund minus a 2.7% processing fee for credit card transactions. After 48 hours, our standard terms and conditions apply. To cancel, please email us at or leave a voicemail at 800-513-8651. This policy does not apply if the booked trip occurs within 96 hours of the initial booking.

      Fire/Smoke Cancellation Policy

      Fire/smoke cancellations are considered circumstances beyond our control. If your chosen travel insurance does not cover fire/smoke cancellations, a credit equal to the total amount paid will be issued. If we cancel during your adventure with us, we will issue a non-refundable credit equal to the dollar amount associated with the number of days not used. In both cases, these credits will be lifetime/transferable but non-refundable.

      Other Considerations

      Departing From a Trip: Once a participant has joined a trip and the trip has begun, no refunds or credits will be issued, regardless of the reason for departure. Costs associated with assisting a participant with evacuating from the wilderness will be passed on to the participant. Travel Insurance is strongly recommended.

      Minimum Participants: Our Guide Service multi-day trips have a two-person minimum. (Yoga trips have a three-person minimum.) Our Summer Camps have a four-person minimum. Should we fall short on these minimums, we will contact you 30 days before your scheduled start date with options that may include switching to another trip/date and/or a single-participant surcharge.

      Infectious Illness Policy (including COVID): Any participant on any program/trip with any sign/symptom of a potential illness will not be able to participate, and no refund or credits will be given. Many forms of Travel Insurance cover these circumstances. We ask that you screen yourself and/or your child before participating and contact us to cancel if any sign of illness is present. Health screenings can be expected in all youth programs.

      Half Dome & Other Summits: Reaching the top of a summit, such as Half Dome, is risky and can be made far worse by inclement weather. While we aim to get everyone to the top, summiting is not guaranteed. Lightning and rain can be deadly on exposed summits, and our experienced guides may have to call off a summit bid if weather conditions are unfavorable. You will not be allowed to summit using a Lasting Adventures permit should the experienced guide decide the conditions are not favorable.


      Once you book a trip with Lasting Adventures, the value you paid is valid towards switching to another trip in the current or the coming year, pending available spaces on the new trip. Changes to your booking and conversion to credit must occur more than 30 days before your original start date. Changes within 30 days are subject to fees. Once changed to a lifetime/transferrable credit, credits are non-refundable and are a dollar-for-dollar value.


      See our Coupon Use Terms and Conditions.

      #1 Rated Guide Service in the West

      Summer Camp Parent, 2021
      Summer Camp Parent, 2021
      Read More
      “From a parent's perspective, Lasting Adventures provided plenty of communication before and during the trip, so I knew he was in good hands. From a kids perspective, this adventure taught him skills he may not have otherwise learned, built up his self-confidence and independence, and fostered a love for the outdoors. He already can’t wait to do this camp again!”
      Summer Camp Parent, 2019
      Summer Camp Parent, 2019
      Read More
      “The guides were so knowledgeable of the area, cooked amazing meals, taught the kids about nature, kept them safe, and most importantly helped each kid prove to themselves they could do it! That built more confidence in my daughter and made her more reliant on herself and trusting of herself.”
      YHCA Teen Participant, 2019
      YHCA Teen Participant, 2019
      Read More
      “My friends and I (aged 13-15) went on a two-week backpacking trip with Lasting Adventures. Our group grew close as a family, and on the last night, we had a very joyous celebration. We joked, messed around, and ate delicious food prepared by the guides. I strongly recommend them if you are looking for a physical and active summer camp, with amazing views along the way.”
      Summer Camp Parent, 2019
      Summer Camp Parent, 2019
      Read More
      “My daughter participated in the 7-Day summer camp in Yosemite and, WOW, is all I can say! I was nervous, but the staff was quick to respond via email to all my questions. She had the time of her life and she can’t wait to do it again next summer!”
      Summer Leadership Expedition Parent, 2018
      Summer Leadership Expedition Parent, 2018
      Read More
      “My 15 (Nearly 16) year old son just got home from an EPIC trip with Lasting Adventures on the Outdoor Leadership Expedition. He had such a wonderful time and communicated that his guides were "the best." If you're looking for a journey for your young family members this comes genuinely, very highly recommended. All of the kids were thrilled, and all of the most free and relaxed of smiles!”

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