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Giant Sequoia Groves

Yosemites' Ancient Giants

Giant sequoias, also known as Sierra redwoods, are the largest trees on Earth by volume. They are native to the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California and are famous for their impressive size and longevity. The giant sequoias in Yosemite National Park are some of the most well-known and easily accessible examples of these trees. They can be found in the Mariposa Grove, Merced Grove and the Tuolumne Grove, all of which are located in the southern part of the park.

The Mariposa Grove is home to the largest known giant sequoia, the Grizzly Giant. This tree is over 200 feet tall and has a circumference of over 100 feet at its base. The Tuolumne Grove & Merced Groves are smaller, but still home to several impressive giant sequoias, including the Tuolumne Tree, which is over 150 feet tall.

Giant sequoias are known for their reddish-brown bark and their distinctive shape, with a broad base and a narrow crown. They are also known for their longevity; some giant sequoias are over 3,000 years old. These trees are an important part of the natural history of Yosemite National Park and are a popular attraction for visitors.

Hiking Around the Giant Sequoia Groves

Hiking around the sequoia groves in Yosemite National Park is a great way to experience the beauty of these impressive trees up close. Both the Mariposa Grove and the Tuolumne Grove have trails that allow visitors to explore the groves on foot.

The Mariposa Grove has several trails that range in length from a short 0.5-mile loop to a longer 7-mile loop. The trails in the Mariposa Grove are generally well-maintained and relatively easy to hike, although some sections can be steep. The most popular trail in the Mariposa Grove is the 1.5-mile loop that takes visitors past the Grizzly Giant, the largest known giant sequoia in the world, as well as several other impressive trees.

The Tuolumne Grove has a shorter, 1-mile loop trail that takes visitors past several giant sequoias, including the Tuolumne Tree, which is over 150 feet tall. The trail in the Tuolumne Grove is also relatively easy to hike, although it does have some steep sections.

Both groves have several other trails that allow visitors to explore more of the surrounding area, including trails that lead to other parts of the park. Hiking in the sequoia groves can be a rewarding and memorable experience, and it is a great way to learn about the natural history of these impressive trees.

Your Yosemite Giant Sequoia Grove Tour Guides

Since 1997, we’ve guided groups through unforgettable hikes through these majestic groves. We currently offer one Giant Sequoia Grove Day Hike as well as a winter Snowshoe Tour. (All Lasting Adventures trips including required permits.)

Your Yosemite Giant Sequoias Day Hike awaits!

Giant Sequoias on one of our Yosemite Day Hikes

Giant Sequoia Grove Hike

The Giant Sequoia Grove day hike highlights the iconic ‘big trees’ of the Sierra Nevada.

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Day Hike
Views from our Yosemite snowshoe tour of the Giant Sequoias

Giant Sequoia Grove Hike/Snowshoe

Our Snowshoe Tour of the Giant Sequoias is an unforgettable and surreal Yosemite winter hike experience.

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Day Hike

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