Quarantine Daydreams: A Yosemite Escape in Photos
Have a Yosemite Adventure On Us … In Photos A reminder of what to look forward to when coronavirus passes.
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Backpacking Through Coronavirus: A Message From Our Executive Director
What COVID-19 means for Lasting Adventures’ guides and guests The novel coronavirus places us in the midst of challenging times.
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yosemite horsetail fall
Yosemite’s Natural Firefall: The Ephemeral Glow of El Cap’s Horsetail Fall
What the Heck is a “Firefall?” …And How Do I See Yosemite’s? Demystifying the fleeting orange glow of Horsetail Fall
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How to Get Permits for Hiking The Half Dome Summit
Advice from Experts on How to Get a Half Dome Permit   Summiting Half Dome made simple: A cheat-sheet from
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An Epic Journey Through Yosemite’s Snow Covered Backcountry
A Springtime Summer Camp Adventure Through The Snow in Yosemite Photos and words by Kara Maceross, Lasting Adventures guide What
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Meet The Top Tour Guides in Yosemite
Getting High on Granite with Yosemite’s Most Experienced Hiking Guides There’s more than one reason why Lasting Adventures is the
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Three Generations of Firsts in The Yosemite High Country
A Yosemite family backpacking trip spanning three generations and dozens of miles. Words and photos by Kara Maceross, Lasting Adventures
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Summer Camp Stories: 27-Days in the Yosemite Wilderness
What 27-Days in the Yosemite Backcountry Did For One Summer Camper by Zoe Ferguson, Lasting Adventures staffer and former summer
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half dome guided tours
20 Customer Reviews of Lasting Adventures From Summer 2019
20 customer reviews from a 5-star summer “Customer” isn’t the right word for guests of Lasting Adventures’ guided backpacking trips
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how to get half dome permits
Yosemite Youth Summer Camp in Photos | A Season In The Sierras with Lasting Adventures
Photos from the 2019 Yosemite Youth and Teen Summer Camp Season Looking Back at a Stellar Season with California’s Most
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A Safer Yosemite: How Our Yosemite Backpacking Guides Use The SPOT X Satellite Messenger
Safety, convenience and adventure come complete with the SPOT X for Lasting Adventures. As backpacking guides in the Yosemite high
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Working in Yosemite | ‘Dilla Day and Not The Dry Cleaners
From the dry cleaners to guide life in Yosemite, one man’s tale of tasty ‘dillas. By Curtis Ivanoff, Lasting Adventures
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