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Lassen National Park Transportation

Lassen Volcanic National Park Transportation Options

(The following information is taken from the Lassen Volcanic National Park website; see: HERE)

Lassen Volcanic National Park is located in northern California, approximately three hours northeast of Sacramento. The park is accessed via Hwy 44 (to the north) or Hwy 36 (to the south). Three additional roads dead end at the southeast and northeast corners of the park. The nearest airports are Redding, California; Sacramento, California; and Reno, Nevada. There is no public transportation to the park at this time.

Access to the park in the winter season is limited to the Manzanita Lake area and Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center due to snow (approximately November through May). Check current road conditions before your visit.

Fuel stations are limited in this remote area; drivers are advised to fill up their vehicles before entering the park. View the map below for locations of gas stations adjacent to the park. Gas is available at the Manzanita Lake camper store 24-hours approximately mid-May through early October (see dates).

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Summer Camp Transportation

All of our summer camps will run from Sundays to Fridays.

The regular 6-Day Lassen High Country Adventure program (ages 13-18) and the 6-Day Lassen Young Adventurer’s program (ages 11-13) begin at Summit Lake at 2 pm on Sundays and end at 12-1 pm back at Summit Lake (North).

Late arrivals (by 5 pm) can be coordinated on most programs based on permitting. Please contact our office to inquire on specific dates.

RIDESHARING: Carpool & Shuttles
See here for the current Rideshare Map for Lassen and limited details of other parties looking for a rideshare. Please note that Lasting Adventures does not participate in coordinating rideshares beyond making voluntarily provided information available to interested and registered parties. After you register for a youth trip you can use the link on the confirmation email to register for the rideshare list, which provides contact information for rideshare participants. Should you find a rideshare for a different date/program, Lasting Adventures does allow changes free of charge, prior to 30-days out, and as long as space is available. 

Looking to share a shuttle with others? The rideshare list has an option to indicate interest in a shuttle! Connect with others looking for a rideshare and contact any shuttle option, such as the ones listed above. 

SUMMER CAMP ADVENTURE SHUTTLE – Sacramento to Lassen Volcanic National Park

Because of the small nature of our program, and the ongoing reductions and restrictions with travel due to COVID-19, we are unable to offer the Adventure Shuttle until further notice. Please contact any of the resources above for private transportation options.

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    Rideshare Planning Map for Lassen Summer Camps

    Use the tool above to sort by Trip Start Date. Please note that the information provided here is limited in nature. To protect privacy, additional information, including contact information for other rideshares, will only be available after booking a trip and registering for the rideshare list. Lasting Adventures does not participate in carpool & shuttle coordination beyond making voluntarily provided information available to interested and registered parties. Lasting Adventures does not verify the driving ability, legal driving status, insurance information, or any other information about drivers or their vehicles. Lasting Adventures encourages all participants to verify all information and driving ability prior to participating in a carpool/rideshare.

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