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Best Outdoor Summer Camps in Washington

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Your Guide to the Perfect Washington Outdoor Summer Camps for your Kids

Calling all Washington lovers! Are you looking for a can’t-miss backpacking summer camp experience for your teen or young adventurer? Look no further! Lasting Adventures offers a variety of fun and engaging experiences in Olympic National Park for youth ages 11-17. Read on to discover more about the best outdoor summer camps in Washington and find the perfect fit for your child.

Best Washington Summer Camps for Teens (ages 13-17)

6-Day Olympic Mountain Adventure for Teens

Checking out the Blue Glacier at the base of Mount Olympus in Olympic National Park.

Our 6-Day Mountain Adventure includes six days and five nights of epic mountain views, wildlife sightings, sleeping under the stars in alpine basins, and refreshing afternoon dips in crystal clear rivers. Your teen will experience the pristine, remote wilderness of some of the most popular and beautiful forest and alpine destinations Olympic National Park offers, such as the Hoh Rainforest, the Staircase area, and the Seven Lakes Basin. They’ll learn all about the mind-blowing geology and amazing biodiversity of the park while challenging themselves on rugged trails and experiencing the joy of summiting a peak, lunching alongside an alpine lake, or telling stories around the campfire. 

6-Day Olympic Coastal Adventure for Teens

Teens hiking the Olympic Coast on an epic Outdoor Summer Camp trip
Hiking triumphantly on the 6-Day Coastal Adventure.

The 6-Day Olympic Coastal Adventure offers many of the same enchanting and educational wilderness experiences as the mountain adventure but alongside the breathtaking expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Coast in Washington is visually stunning and geologically unique; it features towering sea stacks, diverse wildlife (everything from sea urchins to bears!), and empty, expansive wild beaches. If your teen wants to experience the rugged beauty of the Olympics, where the coastal forests of ancient Sitka Spruce meet the crashing waves of the Pacific, this is the camp for you! 

13-Day Olympic Adventure for Teens

Kids on an epic outdoor summer camp adventure in Olympic National Park, Washington
Epic mountain views are discovered along the 13-day Backpacking Adventure.

Is your teen looking to take their thirst for adventure to the next level? Do they want to form lifelong bonds with other youth while navigating the challenges and joys of an epic, multi-week, immersive wilderness experience? Consider signing them up for our 13-Day Teen Backpacking Adventure! This backpacking trip combines the best of both worlds in the Olympics: the mountains and the coast! Your teen will experience firsthand the science behind what connects the seemingly disparate biospheres of Olympic National Park. They will get to explore around 60 miles of trails throughout the park, along which they will see whales, marmots, glaciers, thousand-year-old cedar trees, fields of wildflowers, waterfalls, and more…in only 13 days! 

Best Washington Oudoor Summer Camps for Young Adventurers (ages 11-13)

6-Day Olympic Young Adventurers Program

Learning Map Reading on a Washington Summer Camp Adventure in Olympic
Young Adventurers testing their new map-reading skills.

Is your brave young camper ready for a new and exciting adventure? Sign them up for our 6-Day Young Adventurers Program, and they’re sure to have a week they’ll never forget! This adventure occurs either on the famous Ozette Triangle coastal trail, where they’ll explore tidepools and beaches or in one of our breathtaking forested destinations, home to giant trees and endless lakes and rivers. Regardless of which area of the park your child gets to explore, they will come home with a deep appreciation for the outdoors and a newfound passion for learning about the amazing diversity of environments within Olympic National Park! 

Washington Outdoor Summer Camps for Young Women (ages 13-17)

Young Women exploring the coast in Washington.

Lasting Adventures believes strongly in the importance of empowering young women in the outdoors. Not only do our young women’s trips help build their confidence and sense of adventure, but they also help create strong bonds of friendship with fellow young women. Our young women’s trips are guided by our excellent female guides so that participants can bond with female role models and learn from their experiences. 

6-Day Olympic Adventure for Young Women

Ladies taking a hike along the beach on their 6-day adventure.

On our 5-night, 6-day Young Women’s Adventure, young women will explore the amazing biodiversity of the Olympics while forming friendships to last a lifetime and challenging their wilderness skills! Our expert female guides will facilitate fun leadership activities developed specifically for groups of young women to hone their skills and plan for their futures. The best part? All this fantastic memory-making and skill-building will occur among giant conifers, alongside crashing ocean waves, or with a view of Mount Olympus! 

13-Day Olympic Adventure for Young Women

Participants on our Young Women's outdoor Summer camp adventure in Washington's Olympic Penninsula
Young ladies learning to identify the flora and fauna around them.

Take your skills and ambitions as a young female leader to the next level and embark on the Young Women’s 13-day Adventure with us! Explore the park’s beauty for two weeks, and by the end of the trip, you’ll be taking the reigns on planning for each day, navigating the group to safety, and identifying hundreds of plant species. 

We’ve got all the best options for outdoor summer camps in Washington right here in Olympic National Park! Have questions about any of our summer camps? Search our website by location and trip type for more information on these fantastic offerings!

Book any of these Best Outdoor Summer Camps by April 15th and save 15%. Use coupon code "BestSummer15"

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