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Best Summer Camp Locations in California

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Deciding where to send your child to summer camp can be such an overwhelming experience. If you’re considering anywhere in California, we can help. California is covered with many magnificent natural spaces that can enhance kids’ time spent at camp. It’s hard to be homesick when the scenery is stunning and the activities exciting. We have searched far and wide to provide you with the best summer camp locations in California.

Yosemite National Park – Best Summer Camp Location for Iconic Adventure

With its soaring rock formations and gushing waterfalls, Yosemite National Park is the perfect backdrop for a summer camp to remember. Observe chatter marks made from glaciers from thousands of years ago as you learn about geology. Strain your neck as you look to the top of a towering ponderosa and learn about forest ecology. Find obsidian arrowheads at a backcountry campsite as you learn about native history. There is the opportunity for awe, amazement, growth, and learning around every trail bend. Yosemite’s unforgettable vistas and unique history make it one of the best summer camp locations in California, hands down.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Kids enjoying some of the best California Summer Camp experiences.

Containing the largest trees on the planet as well as some of the deepest canyons in the world, makes Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks a truly stunning backdrop for summer camp. Backpacking into the wilderness of these national parks immerses the youth in their spectacular surroundings. Learning about flora and fauna is entertaining as you spot pikas, marmots, bears, and wildflowers galore. The trails may be a bit more challenging in these parks, but the rewards are well worth it.

Lassen Volcanic National Park – Best Summer Camp in California for Science Lovers

Lassen Volcanic is one of the coolest summer camp locations in California

Lassen Volcanic National Park puts 6th grade science class to shame. With all four of the major volcano types that you can find in the world found here, there is no end to exploration and the learning that comes with it. Boiling mud pots, fumaroles, and hot springs abound, as do the wildflowers and newfound friendships on each trip. Hiking into the center of Cinder Cone volcano is a distinctive experience that many kids never forget, and that’s why we recommend Lassen Volcanic.

Inyo National Forest

Inyo National forest is a hidden gem of a summer camp location in California

This hidden gem of California contains nine officially designated wilderness areas. Located on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range where Yosemite and Sequoia end, this area shares many of the qualities of the other parks but with fewer crowds. Inyo offers the opportunity to explore waterfalls, alpine lakes, and meadows during the day while falling asleep to shooting stars at night. No matter what the itinerary for the trip is, kids are sure to appreciate the beauty of this area and come out having a deeper connection with the land and themselves.

So What’s the California Best Summer Camp Location?

Deciding what summer camp in California is best for your child can be hard, but don’t let the decision of with whom be challenging as well. Lasting Adventures has been running backpacking summer camps in California for 27 years. We offer summer camps of six, ten, and thirteen days in length and can help you customize a trip for your favorite group of teens today!

Book any of these Best Outdoor Summer Camps by April 15th and save 15%. Use coupon code "BestSummer15"

California Summer Camp Adventures

These Yosemite summer camp programs for youths 11-13 offer shorter hiking distances and an introduction to camping, backpacking, and the outdoors among the natural geological formations surrounding us in the Yosemite high country.
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6-Day Yosemite Young Adventurer's Program

6 Days |

15-25 Miles


This Yosemite summer camp adventure includes camping and hiking beside high alpine lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and meadows.
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6-Day Yosemite High Country Adventure

6 Days |

25-35 Miles


This 13-Day Backpacking Summer Camp in Yosemite combines risk-taking and challenges along with fun and support from others while camping and hiking beside high alpine lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and meadows.
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13-Day Yosemite High Country Adventure

13 Days |

60-70 Miles


This unique Yosemite summer camp for girls ages 13-17, led by our top female guides, focuses on showing young women their true potential in both an outdoor setting and in their day-to-day lives while teaching the practical skills of backpacking and outdoor safety.
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6 & 13-Day Yosemite Young Women's Programs

6 Days |

35-75 Miles


This 27-day wilderness summer camp in the California high country is geared toward youth looking for an adventure beyond our other Yosemite summer camps.
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27-Day Teen Leadership Expedition

27 Days |

100-120 Miles


Our 10-Day Sequoia High Country Adventure is designed for participants ages 15-18 who are experienced backpackers or have been on trail with Lasting Adventures before. This trip explores well into the backcountry of Sequoia National Park. This Sequoia adventure includes hiking through alpine meadows, over high mountain passes, and visiting some of the best scenery in North America.
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10-Day Sequoia High Country Adventure

10 Days |

40-50 Miles


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