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Half Dome Myths vs Realities

Unveiling  the Myths of Half Dome: Myths vs Reality of Yosemite’s Iconic Granite Monolith With its sheer granite face and distinctive shape, Half Dome has captured the imaginations of countless visitors. However, as with many awe-inspiring wonders, myths and legends have emerged over time, blending fact with fiction. In this exploration, we unravel the most […]

Half Dome Day Hike Vs Backpacking : Choose Your Adventure

Should You Tackle Half Dome on a Day Hike or a Backpacking Trip? Half Dome is on pretty much every outdoor enthusiast’s bucket list. The journey to its summit is a challenging and rewarding experience, but how you tackle this adventure can greatly vary. Let’s explore Half Dome as a day hike vs backpacking Half Dome, […]

Half Dome Training Tips

Conquering the Summit: Half Dome Training Tips for a Successful Adventure Hiking Half Dome is no mean feat, especially if you want to tackle it as a day hike. For most of us, it requires a build up before our bodies are capable of the 8 mile,  4,800 feet of elevation gain hike it takes […]

Best Time of Year To Hike Half Dome

What Time of Year is Best? Our clients often ask us what time of year is best to hike Half Dome. No matter the time of year, the experience is both exhilarating and rewarding, offering breathtaking views of the park’s unparalleled natural beauty. We’ve guided thousands of guests to the summit, and know from experience […]

2023 Yosemite Snowpack & Summer Expectations

The current snowpack in the central Sierra is over 230% of normal and steadily increasing. Simply put, we are about to reach record snowpack levels and are not nearly through our Miracle March or our April Showers. Much more is yet to come, including the potential for spectacular waterfalls and massive flooding. This record-setting winter […]

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