13 Days

Mileage | Rating

60 – 70 Miles
Moderate – Strenuous



Meeting Location

Fairholme Campground
12 pm




Our 13-day immersive Backpacking Summer Camp for teens is the ultimate gateway to a lifelong passion for the outdoors. Our 13-day Olympic National Park Teenage Adventure Camp combines our coastal and ancient forest adventures for nearly two weeks of skill-building and exploring immersed in Olympic National Park. Designed for teens ages 13-18, this camp begins on the coast, exploring sea caves and marine life along trails that weave on and off the beach. By the end of the journey, campers find themselves traversing the moss-covered terrain of the ancient old-growth forest. Our experienced outdoor educators, who are are trained specifically for the Olympic area, share their knowledge with participants as the group covers between 4 and 8 miles hiking each day. For teens looking to develop their outdoor skills by fully immersing in some of the world’s most majestic wilderness, the 13-day Olympic Teen Backpacking Adventure is the ultimate choice.


Check Out the 13-Day Olympic Summer Camp Experience!

Sample Itinerary

NOTE: This is a sample itinerary only. While we do our best to replicate the itinerary described below, our itineraries and destinations in Olympic National Park are dependent upon a number of external factors, including weather, snow levels, and the ongoing mountain goat removal project. In the event that we must adjust the itinerary, parents will be notified by email with ample notice prior to the trip dates.

Day 1: You will meet your Guides/Counselors and will have time to meet your group as well as learn about your backpacking gear. After a group orientation, we will answer any last parent or participant questions before getting to know each other and spending the rest of the day exploring the geography of beautiful Lake Crescent. The day will end with evening activities strengthening our bonds and learning more about the weeks ahead, before settling into camp for the night at Fairholme Campground.

Day 2: The first half of our journey will take us to the beaches of the Olympic Coast. After taking a shuttle from our camp to La Push, we will begin our hike on the beach with sea stacks towering in the ocean next to us. Today we will hike about 4 miles to Chilean Memorial Campground, where we will relax for our first night of many in the backcountry.

Day 3: After our first day warming up our legs, we continue today hiking about 6 miles along the beautiful Pacific coastline. Today will be our first chance to practice navigating tides, hiking in and out of the coastal forest above the ocean. We will camp on the beach tonight listening to the sound of the ocean waves and watching the stars as we share stories and play games together on the endless stretches of sand.

Day 4: Today we will hike about 5 miles to Yellow Banks campsite while learning about the Olympic Wilderness and history through storytelling. We will have the chance to learn about tidal pools, and perhaps be lucky enough to see ocean life such as sea otters, sea lions, whales, eagles, flocks of pelicans, sea stars, anemones, and much more.

Day 5: Today our destination is about 5 miles further at Cape Alava; a stunningly beautiful camp on the beach and the northernmost part of our journey.  Along the way, we will keep watch for historical and culturally significant petroglyphs estimated to be 300 to 500 years old. We will have time today to explore further north along the coast for a day hike and enjoy a sunset over the ocean while relaxing on massive driftwood logs at the westernmost point of the contiguous U.S.

Day 6: On our final day on the coast, we will hike 3 miles through the ancient coastal forest; a dramatic shift from the previous days on the beach. We will pass through coastal meadows and bogs before meeting a shuttle at the Ozette Trailhead and be transported to the Sol Duc Campground where we will celebrate the halfway point of our journey with ice cream and a re-supply of fresh food and a clean change of clothes. 

Day 7: Today is a well deserved “Zero Day”. We will rest today and enjoy the area around the campground. There will be an opportunity for some mellow day hiking and we can prepare for the next half of our trip starting tomorrow. 

Day 8: After a night of rest, we will have the chance to sleep in this morning! Our hike today will take us 3.5 miles to picturesque Mink Lake high in the mountains and surrounded by deep, dense forest. We will settle in for our first night in the mountainous backcountry with an entirely different perspective of the same national park.

Day 9: After our regular morning circle time we will embark on one of our more strenuous days of uphill as we travel to Deer Lake. By now we will have had plenty of practice in trail games and keeping spirits high as we pass through forests draped in mosses and slime molds. There is an alpine lake at camp today, and after we have had time to set up our camp, we will get to swade in the water and relax as we watch the alpen glow of the mountains reflected in the water. 

Day 10: Today will be another long day, hiking over 6 miles to CB Flats Campground. Yes the day will be strenuous, but after more than a week of hiking together we will have found a rhythm to make the time pass. We will have the chance to look back on the valleys and lakes below, where we can see just how far we have come already. We will finish our day with a descent past beautiful Hoh Lake and camp in a more secluded area near meadows of wildflowers.

Day 11: Today we will hike about 5 miles to Sol Duc Park. Along the way, we will hike across the High Divide which provides unparalleled views of the Olympic and Bailey mountain ranges. We will break for lunch at one of the passes and relax near alpine lakes, mountain creeks, and meadows of wildflowers. We might even have the opportunity for sledding and snowball fights! Hiking through the Seven Lakes Basin is an unforgettable experience and our sleep tonight will be well deserved. 

Day 12: On our second to last day, we will have an easier hike. Continuing about 2 miles to Seven Mile Group Site, we will have the chance to relax for a good part of the day as we prepare to reenter the front country tomorrow. We will take our time identifying all of the flora and fauna of the forest and spend the afternoon learning about the geological, cultural, and human history of this part of the park as we relax in the shade of giant trees near the river. 

Day 13: On our final day we will pass by the famous Sol Duc Falls, reflecting on our long journey, as we descend to the Sol Duc Trailhead by noon for pickup.

Other: On all of our summer camps, we have a daily circle time in the morning where youth engage in group games, share highlights, offer encouragement and support to each other, stretch, review maps and day itineraries, and set individual and group goals for the day. Also, whether breaking on the trail or in the afternoon or evening in the campsite, our Guides facilitate additional opportunities for youth to develop a personal connection with nature. Problem-solving and initiative games are common as are smiles. Additional outdoor skills are gained as we practice Leave No Trace principles and promote environmental stewardship throughout the length of the program.

Drop-off/pick-up time & location: Our 13-day program begins at the Fairholme Campground at the west end of Lake Crescent at 12pm on Sundays and ends at the Storm King Ranger Station parking lot at the east end of Lake Crescent at 12pm on Friday. Late arrivals can usually be coordinated but please let us know if you will be arriving after 1pm, as this may affect the group’s itinerary.

Scholarship Application – Every youth deserves this opportunity!


“Great people, great guides. Overall great everything. One of the coolest experiences of my life. I had the most incredible time backpacking.”

“They really enjoyed the counselors, exploring Yosemite and being out in nature for a glorious 6 days.”

“My 15 year old son just got home today from backpacking with Lasting Adventures for 6 days in Yosemite and he was full of enthusiasm over the trip!”

Cancellation Policy

Multi-Day Adventures/Summer Camps Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation policy is only for trips booked directly through our official website, If you have booked via a third-party website, such as The Clymb, TripAdvisor Experiences/Viator, or, the below policy does not apply, and you are held to the third-party’s cancellation policy.

If you cancel or leave a multi-day trip for any reason:

  • More than 90 days prior to the trip start date, we will grant you a full refund. (*Exception: our Lodging/Hiking package has a $100 non-refundable processing fee per room booked.)
  • Between 90 and 61 days prior to the trip start date, we will you a full refund minus a $50/person processing fee.
  • Between 60 and 46 days prior to the trip start date, we will retain 25 percent of the trip cost. You may also take a non-refundable credit of the full value paid.
  • Between 45 and 31 days prior to the trip start date, we will retain 50 percent of the trip cost. You may also take a non-refundable credit of the full value paid.
  • Less than 31 days prior to the trip start date, or once the trip has begun, there will be no refund or credit.
  • There will be no cost for cancellations for trips we are unable to run due to closures and/or restrictions by government officials. We will make departure determinations for trips 7 days in advance of the departure date. Refunds for trips not able to be run will be processed within 5 days of the intended departure date and can only be processed back to the original payment method used for the current trip. 
    • Exception: We may make this determination 15 days in advance for Lodging Packages. 
    • Any portion of a trip purchased with a credit from a previous year will revert back to a credit.
    • Due to the difficulties of running seasonal programs, a lost season can affect us greatly. We appreciate any of our customers that would choose to take a lifetime, transferable credit for the value paid of their trip, should the trip not be able to operate due to government restrictions.
  • Final payments on multi-day trips are automatically processed/due at 30 days in advance of the trip. Any new multi-day booking made at/within 45-days in advance will be required to pay in full.
    • Exception: Final payments are due at least 45 days in advance for our Lodging/Hiking package.
  • For our Summer Camps, due to COVID-19 in 2021 participants must have a responsible party available within 6 hours of Yosemite Valley for pickup in case of emergency. 
  • If we determine that a trip should be pulled or cancelled mid-way through the trip (for example, due to unhealthy smoke levels or other circumstances outside our control, we will provide a credit for the unused portion of the trip.

Important Notice

Recreational Summer Camp

Lasting Adventures only operates non-therapeutic, recreational summer camp programs. Lasting Adventures does not employ professional therapists or mental health counselors, and our outdoor educators are not trained in any form of therapy or drug rehabilitation. 

It is important that all participants considering a trip with Lasting Adventures are comfortable with and have experience being away from home/parents for the duration of the trip; have some level of regular physical fitness; and have a personal desire to be on the trip. Although nearly all our participants are ready for a backpacking trip, should a participant not be prepared (either mentally, emotionally, or physically), they may be removed from the trip at any time. No refunds will be given in these cases and an extraction fee may be charged.

Please make sure your child is ready for their adventure by:

  • preparing them physically (training hikes if not already involved in regular activities)
  • emotionally (giving them experience being away from home in a less-committed setting)
  • and mentally (making sure they have buy-in and want to be on the trip)

Dietary Constraints

Although we are able to accommodate many specific dietary constraints and choices, we prepare foods in a facility with peanuts, gluten, soy, and other major allergens, and are not certified as an ‘allergen-free’ facility. We take steps to limit the risk of cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee that foods we prepare will be fully free of major allergens.




Sunday-Friday Departure Dates from Fairholme Campground:

    July Departure Dates  

  • Sun, Jul 10th - Fri, Jul 22nd
  • Sun, Jul 24th - Fri, Aug 5th

    August Departure Dates  

  • Sun, Aug 7th - Fri, Aug 19th
  • Sun, Aug 21st - Fri, Sep 2nd


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