There’s no better way to bond with your work friends than a guided outdoor adventure in Yosemite! Through a custom Yosemite backpacking adventure, each company’s team takes on the challenges of the wilderness together, using the experience to enrich relationships and build rapport, effects that return with them to work. Our fun and energetic guides are trained in using games and debriefing activities to draw connections between the adventure  in Yosemite and the adventures you may have daily at work and/or in your personal life. It is our goal that you and/or your team finish this adventure with a greater appreciation for yourself, your team, and the natural world around you. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a stress-free environment to escape your daily routine and technologies, and truly appreciate each other and all that Yosemite has to offer! Personal and/or team goals and outcomes will be established through pre-consultation.


“The Lasting Adventures team provided the best backpacking experience we could’ve asked for! They had the logistics dialed, are amazing backcountry chefs, are stellar guides and overall, provide an amazing experience in the Yosemite backcountry. Super excited to come back to Yosemite just to hang out with the Lasting Adventures crew!”
GoPro employee, attendee of 2019 GoPro team retreat



“I just completed an eight day custom trip in Yosemite which was my 1st backpacking experience. Our 3 guides did a great job leading us through the wilderness, keeping us fed, and informing us about the park. I appreciated the encouragement and confidence they gave me while I struggled (yes, struggled) on some of the high altitude passes. Lasting Adventures supplied all of my equipment (pack, sleeping bag, pad, and tent) which was high quality and comfortable. I highly recommend Lasting Adventures as a great way to explore Yosemite, especially for first timers.”
ClifBar employee, attendee of 2014 ClifBar corporate summit

Our Corporate Retreats & Group Adventure Programs are:


REFRESHING. A fully supported backpacking trip into the Yosemite backcountry. Reaching the summits of major peaks. Camping besides high alpine lakes. Hiking besides towering waterfalls. Fishing, swimming, taking time to rest, relax, and reflect.

Yosemite Corporate Retreats, Corporate Team Building in Yosemite


CHALLENGING. Although trips are custom designed, most travel an average of 4-8 miles per-day, and sometimes over challenging terrain at high altitude while carrying a backpack weighing anywhere from 30-60lbs. (Everyone’s pack weight will be proportionate to respective body sizes). Conditions in the backcountry are far removed from your daily routine, which can be very challenging for some. However, this part of the experience is what really encompasses the ‘escape and renewal’ aspects of our adventure programs. Optional side-hikes to the peaks of major Yosemite icons are included as are cold soap-less baths in a high alpine lakes and/or rivers. We love it all and so will you!


TEAM ORIENTED. As our guides consistently emphasize safety first and provide unconditional support throughout the trek, an emphasis will be placed on working together as a team. As challenges present themselves, participants can expect to receive support from our expert guide staff, but also from each other. We feel it is very important to give praise and kudos as well as to receive them; so we make time for this type of daily reflection.


gopro yosemite retreat


SIMPLY FUN. Our daily schedule includes many opportunities for play and many more opportunities for laughter. We even practice laughing without showing our teeth. 🙂


Through pre-consultation, our goal is to understand you and/or your group’s needs and goals both personally and professionally. Whether you or your group wants an invigorating backcountry adventure (while full of rest and relaxation), or if your group might also benefit from additional activities built around your goals and desired outcomes for your team; our guides are trained facilitators in Adventure Based Programming and using adventure and games as metaphors to challenges we face in our personal and professional lives.

“Whether as part of a team or personally, my yearly Yosemite adventure with Lasting Adventures is essentially my new Burning Man.” – Daniel VanBeek, CEO at T-Graphics West

Through a pre-consultation, we can design the perfect adventure if you or your group meets any ONE of the requirements below:

  • Individuals and/or groups who just need to “get-away”
  • Individuals and/or groups who are looking for a refresher
  • Individuals and/or groups who (similar to Dan above) need the perfect option to “Burning Man”
  • Individuals and/or groups who need specific skill building, leadership skills, and/or group development skills.
  • Individuals and/or groups who want an opportunity to explore and embrace the environment and sustainability first-hand.
  • Leadership teams and/or groups who need a chance to take a step back, and re-focus through re-defining common values and goals as a team.

Our Cost:

Our cost varies depending on your group. Pricing starts at $250 per day per person. Contact us to discuss multiple person discounts. For youth groups and other non-profits we will offer special discounted pricing options that are reflected on our Outdoor Education link.

Included: Our trained and experienced guides/facilitators, all insurance and permits, all meals on the trail, all necessary equipment (backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, eating gear), a souvenir t-shirt, and memories to last a lifetime!

Orientation At Your Site
A recommended, but not required add-on, is a group orientation at our site. This half-day orientation will begin with introductions and team building similar to that we use during our trips. Setting some group expectations and goals for the trip will be a goal during this time, and we will do so in a fun way! Lastly, we will also go over maps, equipment, introduce Leave no Trace principals, and review information on Yosemite. There is an additional cost for the facilitator’s time and travel.

Please contact us at 800-513-8651 or by email at [email protected] to inquire about your group or corporate program.