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Yosemite Adventure That Will ACTUALLY Last A Lifetime!

Being able to be on the trails each week in the Yosemite backcountry with our youth camps, the staff here at Lasting Adventures are privileged to get to make an impact on the lives of many children each summer. This summer however, we had the chance to make a different type of impact – one that came in the form of holy matrimony!

Lasting Adventures and their first Yosemite Wedding

The then ‘bride to be’ described this experience best, “Lasting Adventures made our wedding dreams come true. As we began planning our Glacier Point Wedding we knew we definitely wanted to backpack and definitely wanted to conquer climbing Half Dome…I can’t tell you how we felt standing on Glacier Point looking out and knowing that just 2 and 3 days prior, we had climbed Clouds Rest and Half Dome. As if weddings aren’t emotional enough! The days leading up to the wedding were a very special, magical, peaceful, meaningful experience that we could have NEVER accomplished on our own.”

Read more about their experience here on TripAdvisor!

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