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The Top 5 Reasons To Get Your Child Wilderness Certified

By: Amelia Roland

Believe it or not, summer is only a few months away! We know it can be hard to motivate your child into participating in anything other than group chats and Netflix binges, but what if we told you your child can have an amazing summer experience, gain leadership skills and confidence in the outdoors!? Oh and did we mention that we would also be taking them off your hands for a few weeks? Sounds too good to be true right?

Here at Lasting Adventures we’ve run countless youth programs in Yosemite since we first got our start over 20 years ago! Our guides have always received their Wilderness First Responder Certificate, so we know first-hand the value of these course. We decided to put together new programs where we could offer participants the opportunity to received their Wilderness First Aid. It’s been amazing to see the transformative experiences of our participants as they gain knowledge and skills in the backcountry. Don’t just take our word for it either, check out our reviews from parents and past participants!

So in case you’re still not convinced? Well, here are the top 5 reason to get your kid Wilderness Certified:


1. Safety

Let’s face it, accidents happen. What makes attaining a Wilderness Certification different from your typical first aid is that these courses include the element of accidents happening where help is not readily available. While you can do your best to plan ahead and prepare, there’s always the chance that you or someone you’re with or come across will get hurt, sick or lost.

Wilderness First Aid or WFA for short, covers, but is not limited to topics such as:  Asthma, Cold-Related Injuries, Environmental Emergencies & Survival Skills (including lightning), Heat-Related Injuries, Medical Emergencies & Critical Care, Patient Assessment System, Rescue Plan, Spinal Cord Injury Management, Sprains & Strains.

Having this knowledge may very well help save a life one day!

2. Confidence

So the safety perks may seem pretty obvious, but what also comes along with this knowledge is a new found confidence in the backcountry. Trust me, I used to think ignorance was bliss. I could go off on my own personal trips and be none the wiser as to how I would handle an emergency situation. The truth is I wasn’t confident; I was lucky. Now being in a guiding role and continuing my own personal exploration of the outdoors I truly appreciate the knowledge I’ve received and confidence I’ve gained in knowing I can handle difficult situations away from the “front country”.

Nothing instills that confidence more than being able to learn and practice these skills in the very place you’ll be traveling.

3. A love for the Outdoors

Attaining a certificate in the wilderness will not only make you feel more comfortable outdoors, it will also give you a greater sense of appreciation for mother nature.

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said: It is an incalculable added pleasure to any one’s sum of happiness if he or she grows to know, even slightly and imperfectly, how to read and enjoy the wonder-book of nature.”

The most important thing we can do is connect our younger generation to the wonders of nature. What better way through learning how to handle her powers – lighting, floods, fires, rock falls and snow cover terrain.  By gaining this understanding, participants in these programs gain an appreciation and learn of the need to protect and conserve our wild lands for generations to come.


4. Becoming a Leader

Emergencies, big or small, may be charged with emotion and confusion. By getting certified, participants learn what roles are effective in handling these situations and gain confidence and competence in stepping up as a leader.

These courses cover multiple scenarios that require participants to step into leadership roles. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to exercise leadership skills in driving a group towards a common goal. Invaluable skills that can be applied to many aspects of life!

5. Make Connections

During this certification you will have to work closely with those around you. It’s impossible not to make a few connections! Throughout our experience we’ve seen complete strangers become the best of friends. If taking this course through our Yosemite Leadership Expedition, you’ll have 28-days together! You’ll be sharing a once in a lifetime experience together, bonding over each sunrise and sunset.

(The following side effects have been reported: desire to adventure, increased outdoor activities and in rare cases a career goal of becoming guide.)

So reader, it’s up to you!! What will your child gain this summer?

-Happy Hiking –

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