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Rae Lakes Loop in Kings Canyon National Park

For the first time this season, Lasting Adventures is offering a brand new trip outside of Yosemite. Kings Canyon is located in the rugged High Sierra and has one of the most scenic landscapes of all our National Parks. Deep glaciated canyons, bald granite peaks and lush meadows are hallmarks of this superb wilderness, and are now available to you via the 40 mile Rae Lakes Loop.

One of the most physically demanding trips we offer, the Rae Lakes Loop is best suited to more experienced backpackers, or those who have hiked with Lasting Adventures before.

The Rae Lakes Loop is an extraordinary wilderness trip. Anyone lucky enough to hike the Rae Lakes Loop will travel through some of the finest terrain in the entire world. 

Starting at the fittingly titled Roads End permit Station, hikers will travel North along the Kings River and camp in one of the Paradise Valley campsites. After crossing a footbridge in the morning, you will hike steadily uphill alongside Woods Creek towards a chain of high alpine meadows, where you will find camp.

The next day you will cross the unbelievably scenic Woods Creek Suspension bridge and meet up with the John Muir Trail. Following the JMT south will bring you into a river canyon capped at the head with a spectacular lake basin. The abundance of lakeside camping and marvelous views will mean a rest day the next day. Swimming in Rae Lakes, summiting peaks and exploring the surrounding areas are on the agenda for your rest day. After a good night’s rest, you will tackle Glen Pass the next day.

Glen Pass is the highest terrain you will traverse on the Rae Lakes Loop. Standing at 11,926, Glen Pass straddles the Sierra Crest and overlooks some of the finest terrain in our National Park System. The ascent up Glen Pass is difficult but rewarding, and after a long day of climbing, you will be glad to descend the southern side and make camp by a nearby lake.

The final days will have you passing through Vidette Meadow and descending from your trip into the Bubbs Creek Canyon. Narrowing at the mouth, the canyon will take you all the way back to your starting point at Roads End.

Reward yourself with a pat on the back and a nice dinner because the Rae Lakes loop is a big accomplishment. Lasting Adventures is excited to offer our first trip in Kings Canyon, and is ready to tackle a new portion of the Sierra Nevada.

-Happy Hiking-

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