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Hiking Forward Together: A Letter Of Solidarity


As our nation grapples with fallout from its own flawed customs and proudly motions for reform, Lasting Adventures stands with the Black community in the battle to exterminate systemic racism.

If you’ve ever cooked a backcountry stew you know the effects of stirring the pot. Formerly settled ways become turbid, ingredients become uprooted, swirled and settled anew, and the change created invariably yields a better result. America is a society of countless ingredients settled in a racist way, a stew in which many get burned. Now, as the nation boils over and casualties like George Floyd and countless others spill into the fire, our pot is finally being stirred again. May we settle where no one gets burned, and learn to share our environment as one, just as we do in the backcountry.

As a youth-benefiting nonprofit, we believe equity is measured in opportunity. We feel everyone should have the same opportunities, which in our case involves giving all people access to profound, shared, and bonding experiences in nature, creating cross-cultural connections as part of something greater than ourselves. On a broader and more critical level, we support the Black Lives Matter movement as a catalyst for equitable treatment and universal opportunity for everyone.

Systemic prejudice against our Black communities is nothing new, but thankfully, the current movement to oust it carries more momentum than ever. We’re seeing unprecedented levels of action in communities of every background, and Lasting Adventures’ is no exception. Along with open dialogue encouraged among our staff and guests alike, here are some of the actions we are taking to help win the fight for change.

Thank you for your time and compassion. We realize this is only the beginning, and there’s a lot of work to do, but we are committed to continuing to learn, advocate, and act for the long haul. We look forward to reaching new and monumental peaks in the history of this great nation, together.

-The Lasting Adventures Team


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