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Yosemite Fall Backpacking & Hiking; The Season Not to Be Missed

View of Half Dome from Glacier Point in the fall.

Yosemite National Park has many factors lining up to make this late summer and early fall backpacking season one of the best ever.  This past winter in Yosemite was challenging. Snowpack records were broken, roads were closed and/or destroyed, and frigid cold kept wilderness visitation way down. Spring wasn’t easy, either. Extended road closures and […]

How to Train for Backpacking – Part II

Backpacking group shot in front of Half Dome

In How to Train for Backpacking – Part I, we dove into goals for backpacking and a general plan to prepare for your trip. In How to Train for Backpacking – Part II, we will go deeper into specific strength exercises anyone can do at home to get in backpacking shape. We recognize that not […]

How To Prepare For a Backpacking Summer Camp

Summer Camp group photo on top of Clouds Rest

So you’ve signed your kid up for a backpacking trip with Lasting Adventures this summer; now what? You and your child can do several things to prepare for backpacking summer camp beforehand to ensure a fantastic experience for everyone.  Top Things to Prepare for Backpacking Summer Camp Prepare Physically The best way to prepare for […]

Backpacking to Half Dome: Which Trailhead Should I Choose?

Two people peer over the edge of Half Dome as two others walk to the edge.

By: Eric Meyer There are many memorable peaks in Yosemite National Park, but none are more famous, storied, or inspiring than Half Dome. Hikers from all over the world journey to Yosemite just for a chance to challenge themselves on Half Dome’s cables. So what route is the best for backpacking to Half Dome, the […]

Top 10 Sunrise & Sunset Spots in Olympic National Park

Sunset as seen from the High Divide Trail.

It’s the end of a summer day of hiking, exploring, and experiencing the beauty and joy of the Olympic Peninsula. You’re relaxing at your favorite sunset spots with a tasty beverage and dinner, reminiscing on the day’s memories, and staring into the beautiful, clear sky. The colors change ever so slightly; first, a hint of […]

2023 Yosemite Snowpack & Summer Expectations

The current snowpack in the central Sierra is over 230% of normal and steadily increasing. Simply put, we are about to reach record snowpack levels and are not nearly through our Miracle March or our April Showers. Much more is yet to come, including the potential for spectacular waterfalls and massive flooding. This record-setting winter […]

The Wild and Amazing Women of Yosemite

Four women that forever changed Yosemite. Cover photo: Yosemite climbing legend, Lynn Hill, LA Times Women have played an influential role in the history of Yosemite for thousands of years, although you don’t hear their names as often as the likes of John Muir, Chief Tenaya, Galen Clark, Ansel Adams, Royal Robbins, and the list […]

5 Best Backpacking Trips in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

Blue lake in Sequoia National Park

Sequoia and Kings Canyon, two parks operated as one, are a quiet alternative to their popular cousin to the North, Yosemite. These parks encompass some of the most rugged and remote terrains in the Sierra Nevada and are known for their extremes. Here you will find the largest trees on Earth, the tallest mountain in […]

Top Yosemite Guide Service Moments of 2022

Family celebrating on top of Half Dome while the sun is setting.

In 2022 Lasting Adventures had the privilege of sharing the wonders of the outdoors with almost 1,000 people on our guide service trips! This includes over 725 day hikers and 236 people that were brave enough to ditch modern society and go backpacking. We even started our first guide service trips up in Olympic National […]

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