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The Backpacker’s Playlist: A Soundtrack for the Wilderness

A collection of trail-inspired tunes to set you free wherever you may be.

It’s wintertime, and the Sierras are covering themselves in a beautiful blanket of wild, unpredictable, fuzzy snow. That hasn’t stopped us from getting into the wilderness with some adventurous snowshoeing friends this season, and with the alpenglow of warmer months haloing a distant horizon, we’re already dreaming of June when our summer camps will be in full swing. Chances are, you’re dreaming about your next adventure in the Sierras too, and we know what you are thinking: “How will I ever make it through all this time before my next backcountry trip?” Well, we’ve thought of one solution: a playlist of tunes specially curated to get you through those indoor days and keep your dreams of the outdoor adventure to come alive. Tune in and dream on while you plan your next Lasting Adventure. 

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