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Celebrating Black History: America’s Buffalo Soldiers

A Brief History of America’s Original National Park Guardians, The Buffalo Soldiers Let’s take a journey back to a time long before the National Parks existed. In the year 1865, after the end of the American Civil War, a fractured United States sought to begin rebuilding and expanding into the Western frontier. Congress passed the […]

Guide’s Day Off | A One-Day Climbing Ascent of El Capitan

A historic look at climbing The Nose of El Cap, and what it’s like to climb it in a day. LA guide Jack Waterhouse just might be the most understated big wall climber in Yosemite. Last fall, he low-key climbed the Nose of El Cap—a feat that normally takes an average of three or four […]

How to Train for Backpacking – Part I

How to Train for Your First Backpacking Trip By LA Guide, Nick Estrada These days, it seems like everyone has some desire to experience backpacking, and for good reason. Many of our guides have been exploring the backcountry for years, and they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The draw to venture into a remote […]

Outgrowing Covid: Where We Stand & Where We’re Going

Looking back on 2021 and forward to new programs, holiday savings, and more scholarships in 2022! by LA founder Scott Gehrman In 2021 Lasting Adventures experienced what I refer to as “The Return to the Outdoors.” After a year of being shut down and cooped up due to the pandemic, the demand for outdoor programs […]

When Fire and/or Smoke Become A Threat In Yosemite

Throughout our history as a guide service, fires have not been a physical threat to our programs, primarily because we operate in higher elevations and alpine regions, which have thinner forests and lots of granite. Most major fires over the past 20-plus years have all occurred at lower elevations and in the drier foothills outside […]

Guides Only: An Epic Adventure Down Tenaya Canyon

The Lasting Adventures Guide Staff Takes on Tenaya Canyon words and photos by LA guide, Kara Maceross Disclaimer – Hiking/Canyoneering in Tenaya Canyon is dangerous and should only be attempted by those with the knowledge, research, experience and proper equipment. Take a journey back in time with me to 2018, a magical time where we […]

Backpacking Through Coronavirus: A Message From Our Executive Director

What COVID-19 means for Lasting Adventures’ guides and guests The novel coronavirus places us in the midst of challenging times. With the world constantly changing, our risks continue to change as well. Drastic change must be anticipated, and moving forward, operating with an elevated degree of uncertainty must be embraced as the new norm. Today, […]

Three Generations of Firsts in The Yosemite High Country

A Yosemite family backpacking trip spanning three generations and dozens of miles. Words and photos by Kara Maceross, Lasting Adventures guide As I was preparing for my last trip of the season with Lasting Adventures I looked at the forms to find out about my next crew and I had to look twice. There were […]

Summer Camp Stories: 27-Days in the Yosemite Wilderness

What 27-Days in the Yosemite Backcountry Did For One Summer Camper by Zoe Ferguson, Lasting Adventures staffer and former summer camp attendee Enrolling in the 27-day Teen Leadership summer camp program was an easy decision for me. After going on both the 6- and 13-day youth trips during previous summers, the expedition program seemed a […]

Working in Yosemite | ‘Dilla Day and Not The Dry Cleaners

From the dry cleaners to guide life in Yosemite, one man’s tale of tasty ‘dillas. By Curtis Ivanoff, Lasting Adventures intern Last summer I worked at the dry cleaners. I felt stuck, frustrated and bored. All I did for the job was stand in one position, scan clothing items then bag them. It was quite […]

5 Benefits of An Alpine Start For The Half Dome Summit

A great cup of coffee to jumpstart an early summit on Half Dome? Yes, please. Yosemite’s Half Dome is a sacred summit. During the few months it opens to the public, thousands of people apply for only 300 permits a day to top this iconic peak in Yosemite National Park. There is roughly a 5-percent […]

7 Must-See Sights of Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park: 7 Must-See Sights of Northern California’s Jurassic Wilderness By Riley Cox, Lasting Adventures guide Nestled in the mountains of Northern California lies the volcanic wonderland of Lassen Volcanic National Park, a broken landscape of alpine forest lakes and stark lava beds, steam fumaroles and bubbling mud pits lending glimpses into the raw power […]

Top 10 Questions for Lasting Adventures about the Ferguson Fire

Top 10 Questions for Lasting Adventures about the Ferguson Fire 7/25/2018 For updated information please see: HERE How big is the Ferguson Fire? The Ferguson Fire is currently nearing 40,000 acres.   Where is the Ferguson Fire currently located? The Ferguson Fire is located to the north and south of Highway 140 between Mariposa and […]

Wildlife on a Yosemite Backpacking Trip: Should I Be Worried?

Wildlife on a Yosemite Backpacking Trip: Should I Be Worried? By: Juliet Ramirez & Scott Gehrman I was recently on a wilderness backpacking trip with Lasting Adventures in Yosemite National Park that felt like it couldn’t get any better. I was saying a heartfelt goodbye to my fellow hikers when we saw something running through […]

Youth Conditioning: Preparing your Child for a Summer Backpacking Trip in Yosemite

Youth Conditioning: Preparing your Child for a Summer Backpacking Trip in Yosemite By; Juliet Ramirez, Assistant Program Director The summer season is quickly approaching! The flowers are blooming, the bears are awake, and summer camp backpacking trips are right around the corner. This is an exciting time, and amidst that excitement, It is a great […]

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