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5 Yosemite Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner. Here in Yosemite that means a few things- The aspen are turning a gorgeously yellow, the tops of the high country peaks are being dusted with snow, and everyone is gearing up to dress big and celebrate Halloween.

It can be hard to choose the perfect costume. You want to be fun, recognizable, somewhat original, and of course, a wonderful conversation starter. This is why we have compiled a list of Yosemite themed costumes. This way your costume will remind folks all night about their favorite adventure destination- Yosemite.

1.Park Ranger- This is a classic, and it is pretty easy to pull off. Find some dark green pants, and pair them with a grey button up shirt. The most important pieces are going to be your hat and your badge. Any wide brim hat will do. You can get crafty for your badge- Make one out of felt or even construction paper. Pin it to your shirt, and you’ll be good to go. Note: Don’t do this if you are actually in the National Park.

2.Mountain Lion- The mountain lion costume is the new cat costume. Why not dress up as a fierce feline, but be bigger, stronger, and much scarier? Find some tan clothing, ideally something furry. Put on some cat ears, and paint on a nose. This illusive predator will be a hit at any costume party.

3. John Muir- What a fun excuse to don all of your thrift store favorites. To dress up as this famous naturalist, simply wear some dirty, disheveled clothes. He was often spotted in well-worn slacks and a dirty button up. Paint on a beard and mustache, if you don’t have one already. Carry around a field guide, and spend your Halloween talking to folks about your passion for the mountains.

4. Half Dome- This one may take a little more creativity. Make a large cardboard cut out of this famous rock, and cut out a hole for your head. Wear all grey. This costume would make a great couples costume with our next entry….


5. Rock Climber- If you want to do this one well, skip your shower for a couple of days. Wear some somewhat dirty outdoor clothes, and top it off with a rock climbing harness. Get creative- Be a specific famous climber or go for a generic climber look.

Happy Halloween!

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