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Five Most Popular Backpacking Trips in Olympic National Park

Nestled in the northwestern corner of the United States, Olympic National Park is a backpacker’s paradise. Encompassing nearly a million acres of diverse landscapes, such as lush rainforests and rugged coastlines, the park offers a plethora of backpacking opportunities. In this blog, we’ll explore the five most popular backpacking trips in Olympic that showcase the natural beauty and diversity of the park. So, grab your gear, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

Hoh River Trail – Most Popular Backpacking Trip in Olympic for Rainforest Adventure

Nestled on the western edge of Olympic National Park, the Hoh Rainforest stands as one of the most waterlogged corners of the United States. This 17.4-mile path guides you through ancient forests of colossal, moss-laden trees, tracing the sinuous course of the Hoh River and culminating at the foot of the majestic Mount Olympus. As you trek, you’ll immerse yourself in a mystical realm where nature’s splendor knows no bounds. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a novice rambler, pristine paths and idyllic campsites make this one of the most popular backpacking trips in Olympic for adventurers of all skill levels. Encounters with an array of wildlife, from regal Roosevelt elk to elusive black bears, add to the trail’s allure. For a geological spectacle, make your way to Blue Glacier and witness the profound erosion process unfold before your eyes. This captivating expedition unites you with the unspoiled elegance of the Pacific Northwest and leaves memories of nature’s grandeur.

Backpacking through the Hoh Rainforest, one of the most popular trips in Olympic
Everything is draped in green along the Hoh River Trail.

Enchanted Valley

Hiking the Enchanted Valley Trail in Olympic National Park is a true odyssey through the heart of nature’s wonderland. This trail, often deemed a backpacker’s paradise, unveils a world of breathtaking beauty and raw wilderness. As you embark on your journey, you’ll traverse dense, moss-draped forests, where colossal old-growth trees rise like sentinels and the serene Quinault River flows beside you. The awe-inspiring backdrop of towering peaks and cascading waterfalls only adds to the enchantment. The trail, spanning approximately 13.1 miles, leads you to the legendary Enchanted Valley. Along the way, encounters with diverse wildlife and a sense of tranquility are profound. This experience transports you to a realm of pure wilderness. Let the majesty of Olympic National Park unfold before your eyes. The trail culminates at the historic Enchanted Valley Chalet, offering a picturesque backdrop for your backpacking adventure.

The turquoise Quinault River running from Mt. Olympus

Ozette Triangle – Most Popular Beach Backpacking Trip in Olympic

The Ozette Loop is a top choice for those yearning to experience the breathtaking coastal beauty of the Pacific Northwest. This trail effortlessly combines the lush charm of ancient rainforests with the rugged drama of sea stacks and pristine shorelines. As you traverse the elevated boardwalks of Cape Alava, you’ll gain access to enchanting tide pools and glimpse the rugged coastline. This beautiful journey unfolds through diverse ecosystems, from woodlands to the grandeur of dramatic sea stacks and expansive beaches. This trail will captivate you with the allure of tidal pools, marine life, and the ever-changing Pacific Ocean moods. You may even catch a glimpse of a whale along the way!

The most popular beach backpacking trip in Olympic
The tides receding along the beach at Cape Alava

High Divide Trail – Best Backpacking Trip in Olympic for Awe-Inspiring Vistas

For those adventurous backpackers seeking awe-inspiring alpine vistas, the High Divide Trail presents an extraordinary 18.2-mile loop that kicks off at the Sol Duc trailhead. Enveloping you in subalpine meadows and verdant forests, the true highlight of this expedition is the High Divide Ridge. You’ll be treated to sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding mountains from this elevated vantage point. Mount Olympus almost always steals the show, though. This trek is a definite must for those who crave the exhilaration of standing atop the world and immersing themselves in grandeur.

View from High Divide Trail - a popular Olympic Backpacking Trip
Traversing along the mountainside to get alpine views.

Shi Shi Beach and Point of Arches

Tucked away in the tranquil northwest corner of Olympic National Park, Shi Shi Beach and Point of Arches offer coastal backpackers a uniquely captivating experience. The 8-mile round-trip trail unveils a pristine shoreline adorned with rugged sea stacks and captivating tide pools. As you traverse this coastal haven, the enchanting Point of Arches comes into view. Point of arches exudes an almost magical allure and is a haven for photography enthusiasts. Backpackers can explore intricate sea caves and arches here, crafting a distinctive and breathtaking landscape. What makes this one of the most popular backpacking trips in Olympic is the extraordinary opportunity to camp directly on the beach, where the gentle lullaby of crashing waves serenades your slumber. Wake to sunrise-painted skies hued with unparalleled beauty over the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

Shi Shi Beach
A popular backpacker route along the coast.

Olympic National Park: A Backpacker’s Paradise

Olympic National Park is a backpacker’s paradise, offering diverse landscapes and many experiences. Whether you’re drawn to the lush rainforests, rugged coastlines, or alpine splendors, you’ll find unforgettable adventures awaiting you. So, pack your backpack, lace up your shoes, and embark on a journey to discover the natural wonders of Olympic National Park. Your next great adventure is just around the corner.

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