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20 Customer Reviews of Lasting Adventures From Summer 2019

20 customer reviews from a 5-star summer

“Customer” isn’t the right word for guests of Lasting Adventures’ guided backpacking trips and summer camps. Sure we’re hired guides, but it only takes a day or two on trail to realize the relationship roots much deeper than business. Our work is showing people paradise. Our customers are new friends to explore with. Our product is positive, life-changing experiences in Yosemite, which we all get to be a part of.

As for “customers”? Judging from the hundreds of five-star reviews we received from guests of our summer camps, backpacking trips, and day hikes during the season, the feeling of is mutual. So thanks, friends. It’s been great sharing the trail with you!

In tribute to both the guests and guides who make Lasting Adventures possible, here’s a collection of 20 outstanding reviews from this summer. –MM

Young but experienced, Lasting Adventures guide Maddison Hodge carries more than her weight during a Young Adventurers 6-day summer camp. Photo: Lucie Hladik

Summer Camp

Trip: 13-day High Country Adventure
Guides: Ryan, Rachael and Emma
“My grandson participated in your July 21st 13 day backpacking camp this summer. He had an incredible time. I am so glad I took the day off to pick him up. He talked nearly the whole way home, telling me all that had happened and what he got out of the adventure…and it was an adventure.
In short, he said he feels more confident in living his life; that he has reconnected with the beauty and peace of Nature, something that had faded tremendously over the last 5 or 6 years. And that he moved passed his shyness, connecting with everyone and participating in all aspects of the camp.
I couldn’t agree more with his assessment. Family and I have all noticed his increased self-assurance and calm. This camp has helped my grandson fill out into his best self. I want to specifically thank the guides for their ability to create a safe, respectful, and adventurous environment for their group. I can not thank them and Lasting Adventures enough.

What you all gave my grandson is priceless.”

–personal letter to staff from the grandmother of a 13-day High Country Adventure participant, August 2019

Trip: 6-day Young Adventurers
Guides: Gus and Lucie
“My 13 year old daughter participated in the 7-Day summer camp in Yosemite and

WOW, is all I can say.

I was nervous, but the staff was quick to respond via email to all my questions. She had the time of her life and she can’t wait to do it again next summer. Thank you Lasting Adventures!” –TripAdvisor, July 2019

Trip: 6-day Young Adventurers
Guides: Maddie and Lucie
“My son just returned for the 6 day Young Adventurer’s Backpacking Trip. He loved it and is hoping to return next year. The guides were knowledgeable, professional, and lots of fun. They chose an itinerary that was just the right for the group, after having to reroute due to heavy winter snowpack. We have been hearing great stories about camping on top of El Cap, playing in a waterfall, campfires, summiting Eagle Peak, and more! To top it off, we just received a digital summary of their trip with lots a fantastic photos.

As a teacher and former outdoor educator, I could not be happier with the experience.” –Google, July 2019

Trip: Youth 6-day High Country Adventure
Guides: Shelby and Nick
“Our kids thoroughly enjoyed their first 6-day backpacking trip with Lasting Adventures. Everything from signing up, timely updates prior to the departure date, the drop-off and the return trip home went as planned. Best of all, the kids want to do it again! Which speaks volumes about the terrific staff leading the trip.” –TripAdvisor, June 2019

Counselor Lilly Pell makes the most of a s’more with her teens on a High Country Adventure.

Trip: Youth 13-day High Country Adventure
Guides: Nick and Ciara

“As a 14-year-old, this adventure gave me great insight to leadership skills that I shall endeavor to use in my future.

It was great character building for me although I was apprehensive about going alone I built friendships that should last a long time, it has also helped me to personally over come my anxiety and believe that it will serve as a lasting positive experience that I can draw upon for the rest of my life. If you are questioning if you should sign your child up for such an endeavor take my word that they will not regret the experience and thank you for the rest of their lives.” –TripAdvisor, July 2019

Trip: Youth 13-day High Country Adventure
Guides: Anthony and Alice
“My 14-year-old daughter went on the 13-day backpacking trip with other teens from around the country. She had the time of her life–truly a lasting adventure. The guides were knowledgeable and “cool” and the kids got to do 2 am summit hikes, swim in alpine lakes, and stargaze without light pollution. They were given trail names and saw bears and other wildlife.

My daughter didn’t look at her phone for 10 days, made bonds with the guides and the other teens, and was able to spend time reflecting on her life from the mountaintops (her words).

I am so grateful to Lasting Adventures for making such a huge and important impact on my child’s life. This program compounds sunshine. THANK YOU!!!!!” –TripAdvisor, July 2019

Guests of our Three Summits trip make a gleeful sunrise summit of Half Dome. Photo: Kara Maceross

Guide Service

Trip: Glacier Point to Half Dome
Guides: Lucie and Critter
I can’t even describe how amazing this trip was. The group was phenomenal, minus one Debbie-downer (not the guides!). I cannot stress how important the guides were. Critter (Frogger) and (Trixie Juicie) Lucie were

seriously the most amazing guides I have EVER had.

Encouraging, knowledgeable, and hilarious. Our group honestly would not have made it up the Half Dome if it wasn’t for them. The only thing that would make this trip better: If Critter and Kirstin (Critter’s significant other) get married on top of Glacier Point in August. 🙂 Oh Kitty Fox!!!” –TripAdvisor, June 2019

Trip: Amazing Sunsets
Guide: Nicole

“Returned two days ago from the five-day backpacking trek up in Tuolumne Meadows, and

I am still feeling a high from this wonderful adventure.

The combination of our superb guide Nicole and the truly spectacular scenery of this area is medicine for the heart and soul. Nicole is a wonderful ambassador for both our wilderness and Lasting Adventures with her outstanding skills in safely leading backpacking newbies through nature. She advised us on what to take and how to pack, shared a lot of interesting information about flora, fauna and geology, instructed us on how to keep our natural surroundings pristine while we visited them, cooked meals that were nourishing and incredibly delicious, was very in tune with the needs of our group (two of us 60+ and all of us vegetarian), spontaneously and creatively made a birthday cake with food on hand for one of our party, and was a total sweetheart to boot. The cost of this adventure is well priced for what one receives in return, all the above and a deeper love for our wild areas.” –Google, August 2019

Trip: Three Summits
Guide: Kara
“Amazing trip!!!
If you want to get the most out of your experience in Yosemite, you have to go with Lasting Adventures. Yosemite is an amazing, diverse, expansive park that made having expert guides and staff invaluable. We learned so much about the park, it’s history, wildlife, as we experienced it. Our trip was altered slightly because of the heavy snow pack, but they made the changes seamlessly and safely. Beyond everything they did to make the trip one of a kind, was that they are all about safety and good camping practices.

Shout out to Kara!! Our chef extraordinaire, picture taking, trail game playing, dad joke telling guide!” –TripAdvisor, June 2019

Guide Riley Cox prepares a highly coveted cup of backcountry brew for his guests. Photo: Maddison Hodge

Trip: Glacier Point to Half Dome
Guides: Maddie and Riley
“Great trip with AWESOME guides! We had a great time on our hike to Half Dome. Riley and Maddie were very accommodating to all of us even though we were all at different hiking skill levels. They were very patient with us and knew how to motivate and encourage everyone to make it with a great attitude. All of our meals were great and no one ever went hungry. I would highly recommend Lasting Adventures and I can’t wait to take my family vacation again with them in the future.

Thanks for helping us have our best adventure with memories that will last a lifetime!!!” –TripAdvisor, July 2019

Trip: Amazing Sunsets
Guide: Trey
“Amazing trip—highly recommend it! I had a great 5-day backpacking trip with Lasting Adventures with my son and Trey as our guide at Yosemite. It wasn’t physically easy but so beautiful, exciting and amazing bonding trip with my son. Trey is an amazing guide; he cooked, played music, took photos, and explained everything to us.

I highly recommend this trip to anyone that would like to recharge the batteries.” –TripAdvisor, July 2019

Trip: Glacier Point to Half Dome
Guides: Nicole and Marina
“I have to say Nicole and Marina kick a**! I only saw Marina sweat once, that’s when she caught up after going back to carry somebody’s pack that was not doing well. They are both great enthusiastic supporters, great people skills, they really made a hard 3 days of hiking a successful event even for everyone. I want to go again next year with them as guides if they are available.” –TripAdvisor, July 2019

Trip: Classic Camping and Hiking
Guide: Critter

“My dad and I absolutely loved this trip! Critter was an amazing guide, he tailored the trip to both of our abilities. We were able to see so much of the park and learn so much about it.

I cannot recommend this trip enough if you’re thinking about visiting Yosemite! It was beyond anything I expected!TripAdvisor, September 2019

Trip: Three Summits
Guides: Lucie and Mike

“Unforgettable Experience! I recently finished a Three Summits backpacking trip with great guides who gave us some flexibility and challenged us. The guides were able to stay calm under an emergency situation, plus they are great cookers, and great photographers.

I had used the other two backpacking guide companies before and Lasting Adventures is the best. Highly recommended!
TripAdvisor, August 2019
Lasting Adventures guide Lucie Hladik serenades a group of guests on the summit of Mount Hoffman. Photo: Michael Misselwitz

Day Hikes

Trip: Yosemite Valley Tour
Guides: Quinn and Alice
“Amazing Day—sensory overload!
Quinn and Allison did an amazing job showing our family around in Yosemite Valley! We avoided the crowds and got to see almost everything we wanted to.

Having their knowledge and experiences helped us get a good base for where things were and plan the rest of our time in Yosemite.

The greatest thing was they let us customize the day and made it very relaxing. Can’t wait to go back and do a few more hikes.” –TripAdvisor, June 2019

Trip: Glacier Point Down Panorama and Mist Trails
Guide: Kirstin 
I was skeptical about paying for a guide when the trails are marked, but Kirsten was worth every penny. She was awesome with our kids (their first major hike) This is my first TripAdvisor review and I submitted it for a reason!!!!!” –TripAdvisor, July 2019

Trip: Half Dome in a Day
Guide: Will
Half Dome in a Day—Awesome Experience! What an awesome hike up Half Dome with Lasting Adventures and our fantastic guide Will!!

I had tried to get permits through the lottery, but was unsuccessful. I am so glad we ended up booking with Lasting Adventures

now that I’ve done the hike and know how tough it is. Will was so helpful and patient in guiding me up to Half Dome. He gave us information on Yosemite history, wildlife, and most effective ways (mentally and physically) to get all the way up to the top of Half Dome. These memories will last for a lifetime.” –TripAdvisor, July 2019

Trip: Taft Point to Sentinel Dome from Glacier Point
Guide: Quinn“Thank goodness for Quinn! My wife and I were hiking up to Sentinel Dome today when she lost her footing and fell into what looked like a briar patch. Fortunately, Quinn with Lasting Adventures was leading a group behind us.

Quinn stopped and bandaged up all of my wife’s scrapes and cuts with expert care.

Quinn was a real gem! We will definitely sign up with Lasting Adventures next time instead of going it on our own.” –TripAdvisor, July 2019

Veteran Lasting Adventures Staffer, Will Heaps, gets his foliage facts from hands on experience.

Trip: Taft Point to Sentinel Dome from Glacier Point
Guide: Emma

“Terrific Day Hike to Sentinel Dome and Taft Point!
Last week – on July 9th – Lasting Adventures guided a hike for my family from Glacier Point to Sentinel Dome and Taft Point.

The guide, Emma, was terrific. She encouraged me—a 73 year-old not in great shape—throughout the hike, which was a real challenge for me, dealing with significant elevation gains at high elevations. But, I made it, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

She completely connected with my two 16 year olds who went as well—getting my daughter, who isn’t the biggest fan of hiking, to be enthusiastic about the whole 7 miles. My son very much enjoyed his experience with Emma as well. We loved the hike – the views were breathtaking and we learned a lot from Emma. I give Lasting Adventures the highest possible recommendation.” –TripAdvisor, July 2019

Trip: Nevada Fall Loop
Guide: Matt
“Our family of three did the Nevada Fall Loop hike with Matt as our guide. Not only was Matt extremely knowledgable and friendly, he was very patient with my constant picture taking and mediocre pace. He engaged our 12 year old son and made this rather hard hike truly fun for all of us. Matt shared lots of interesting facts about Yosemite, wildlife and flora in the area. Highly recommend Lasting Adventures, as they were extremely professional and responsive from the booking process to the day of our excursion.

Fabulous memories made on this hike!” –TripAdvisor, June 2019

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