Meet The Top Tour Guides in Yosemite

Meet The Top Tour Guides in Yosemite

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Getting High on Granite with Yosemite’s Most Experienced Hiking Guides

There’s more than one reason why Lasting Adventures is the top-rated Yosemite guide service and summer camp on TripAdvisor and Google. Our day hikes show visitors a side of Yosemite that only decades of experience can reveal. Our backpacking trips come complete with industry-leading gear and gourmet meals. Our adventure summer camps for youth and teens provide unparalleled, character-building experiences that only backpacking with peers and expert counselors provides.

But boil down the hundreds of 5-star online reviews from our guests and you’ll find one dominant thread weaving together the success of Lasting Adventures: the guides. The team. The family. Our expertly trained, outrageously talented, and extraordinarily passionate guide staff is a collection of the best Yosemite backcountry experts we can find. From former park rangers to big wall climbers, we’re lucky to benefit from an eclectic range of Yosemite’s most experienced ambassadors. And what’s more: they’re a blast to hang out with on-trail. But don’t take our word for it. Thumb through the above slide show and get to know Yosemite’s top tour guides for yourself.


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