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“Best Backpacking Camp For Teens Out West (That Won’t Blow Your Adventure Budget)!”
– Outside Magazine

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“Our experience was fantastic! Our guide, Trey, did an amazing job of educating us, cooking for us, and was incredibly flexible. When unforeseen circumstances caused some of our group to become unable to pull their own weight, Trey motivated the rest of us with his amazingly positive attitude and his example gave the rest of the group the strength and courage to pitch in and rise to the challenge. Best of all, our guide Trey, having worked with 100s of teen campers served as a great role model for my teenage sons!” –Gail Gaines, 5 stars, July 2020

“17 members of my Trail Life USA troop and I split into 3 crews with 3 guides from Lasting Adventures and spend 5 nights backpacking in Yosemite. All 3 crews had an amazing trip. The guides were great. They were knowledgeable and work with the youth in all aspects of the trek. The supplied food was good. They handled all the access, reservations and permitting requirements.” –Scott Strufe, 5 stars, August 2020

“Lasting Adventures made our hike up Half Dome in a Day totally doable. Our guide supplied us with gloves and trekking poles, some snacks, first aid and with fantastic stories to make this super strenuous hike seem easy! Invaluable advice for ascending and descending the cables kept us safe. The view from the top was amazing! ” –Jen Fong, 5 stars, November 2020

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Lasting Adventures gave our teen a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I found Lasting Adventures listed as a top-10 camp in Backpacking Magazine. My 15-year-old son attended the 13-day program and said it was a life-changing experience. Lasting Adventures gives kids the confidence to know they can survive.” –David, summer camp parent, July 2017

I can’t thank this company and their mission enough. I am so thankful for the guides and their never-ending enthusiasm spending time with and leading the way for the groups in Yosemite’s astounding backcountry. Not only did they go on a great tour, they were trained and certified in CPR and Wilderness First Aid. AMAZING! Best SUMMER CAMP!!!’ –Lara, Summer camp parent, July 2018

The camp counselors were incredible and really motivated, encouraged and led the kids in such a good way. They were so knowledgeable of the area, cooked amazing meals, taught the kids about nature and Yosemite, kept them safe and most importantly, helped each kid prove to themselves they could do it!” –Summer camp parent, June 2019


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