2021 Traveler’s Choice on Trip Advisor – Over 1,200 5 Star Client Reviews!

2021 Traveler’s Choice on Trip Advisor – Over 1,200 5 Star Client Reviews!


4-Day Half Dome Backpacking Tour

4-Day Half Dome Backpacking Trips

Trip Highlights:

Summit Half Dome

Yosemite Valley

Sunrise Lakes

Vernal & Nevada Falls

Great Sunsets

Looking for the ultimate Half Dome experience? Our 4-day Half Dome backpacking trips are specially designed to make your journey to the summit as spectacular as possible!

This guided tour kicks off in Yosemite Valley, where visitors are enraptured by iconic sights like El Capitan and Yosemite Falls towering above them. From there we’ll hit the trail and guests will hike and camp alongside fabled waters like Sunrise Lakes or the Merced River, experiencing first-hand what John Muir deemed California’s “noblest forests.”

Our expert guides make your experience 5-star with delicious camp-cooked cuisine and comfort provisions around camp, while on-trail pointing out the lesser-known factual gems that surround you. The magic climaxes either on the final evening or the final morning, when you’ll climb the cables up Half Dome’s towering summit for a truly spectacular sunrise or sunset.

Put it all together and we can say without a doubt: there’s no backpacking experience quite like our Yosemite Valley to Half Dome Guided Tour!

Permitting: Because we are attempting to gain very popular permits we list two different possible half dome guided backpacking tour itineraries below. We highly recommended to refrain from making travel arrangements until we have passed the permit date 23 weeks in advance. If we are unsuccessful in obtaining dates, we will notify affected bookings and provide options.

Mileage & Difficulty



4 Days



Per Person

Departure Info

4 pm
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2023 Departure Dates by Month

        All 2023 dates remain tentative until permitted 23-weeks in advance. Please remain from making travel arrangements outside of this timeline”

        #1 Rated Guide Service in the West

        Guide Service Guest, 2021
        Guide Service Guest, 2021
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        "My son and I (both tax accountants) recently enjoyed a three-day private guided backpacking trip with Last Adventures. The trip met all our expectations; we had a great time! The guide’s love of her work and knowledge of Yosemite National Park made the trip a success. She planned all the details, provided excellent gear, and made sure everything worked out as planned"
        Guide Service Guest, 2021
        Guide Service Guest, 2021
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        "Lasting Adventures made my trip to Yosemite a dream vacation! It was stress-free because every detail was covered from food and transportation to clear meeting instructions and itinerary. Our guide took a hike that would have been fun and made it magical by explaining the history and ecology of the area we were hiking. He matched our pace and often let us lead. I can't say enough good things about Zachary and Lasting Adventures!”
         Yoga Retreat Guest, 2021
        Yoga Retreat Guest, 2021
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        “I did the Yosemite yoga 3 day backcountry camping. It was amazing! I would definitely do it again. The food was great! The scenery was superb camping in high country aside a mountain lake, and the guides and yoga instructor were fantastic!!!”
         Guide Service Guest, 2021
        Guide Service Guest, 2021
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        "We were a group of 7 family members (ages 22-65 years old), and for all of us it was our first hiking/backpacking/camping experience. We all had such an amazing yet challenging experience! Our guides’ spirit, cooking, and knowledge were great!”
         Guide Service Guest, 2021
        Guide Service Guest, 2021
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        “We backpacked with a group of 7 other people from 'Backpacker's Camp' to Mae Lake, up to Mt Hoffman, Cloud's Rest, and finally completed the trip with an amazing last day, summiting Half Dome at sunrise! It. Was. Incredible!! Our guides immediately made us feel comfortable and excited. Their passion for the wilderness, people, and their career as a guide is contagious. If you have the chance to go on a Lasting Adventures trip - please do it!”

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