Our History

Scott Gehrman learned about the “Spirit” of Yosemite at a young age. Camping and adventures in Yosemite were a yearly vacation put together by his single mother of three, Sharyl, who was also battling cancer. Throughout her battle, “Yosemite was the one place that would bring her a smile, a sense of adventure, and a sense of revitalization,” suggests Scott. Scott’s yearly outings to Yosemite were suspended at age 15 when his mother Sharyl lost her battle.

The wilderness experience would continue to be a support for Scott throughout this time of transition in his life. Scott was re-introduced to Yosemite when he was 17 by his high school leadership teacher. On this outing Scott was able to reach the summit of Clouds Rest on a quick one-night backpacking trip. In so doing, Scott was also introduced to just how grandiose Yosemite really is and the possibilities within.

Scott founded the, “Yosemite High Country Adventure,” in 1996 after graduating with his Masters in Counseling, and having had written his Master’s thesis on a youth development program in the outdoors. The program ran from 1996-2007 under the umbrella of other non-profits.

In 2007 the title changed, and ‘Lasting Adventures” was incorporated as its own public benefit, non-profit Yosemite guide service, with a specific mission to; “through safe outdoor experiences, to provide positive youth development and educational opportunities to the general public; and to provide charitable assistance for participation in such opportunities to otherwise disadvantaged youth.”