6 Days

Mileage | Rating

20-25 Miles



Meeting Location | Time

Saratoga Gap Preserve


Skyline to Sea Trail- Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Highlights: For those looking for adventure a little closer to home (or if you’ve already joined us in Yosemite), Lasting Adventures is excited to be offering youth summer camps near San Francisco, along the Skyline to Sea Trail in Big Basin Redwoods State Park! People come from all over the world to hike the incredible Skyline to Sea Trail that wanders 25 miles through California Redwood groves, old growth forests, along babbling brooks and past amazing waterfalls while showcasing stellar views of the Pacific Ocean. Big Basin State Park is the oldest state park in California and a true gem of the park system featuring some of the tallest and oldest Redwood trees on the planet.

Our 6-Day Skyline to Sea Summer Camp program, which takes place in Big Basin Redwood State Park, is designed for participants ages 11-13 or 13-18 who are both new or experienced backpackers. The trip is approximately 20-25 miles over 6 days and generally downhill with intermittent uphill sections.

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This is only a Sample Itinerary .

Day 1: After gear introduction and ice breakers, campers will start the trip up on the lush hills and mountains near the Saratoga Gap and hike approximately 6 miles downhill through lush forest toward their first camp for the night, Waterman Gap. Along the way, campers will see the first of the Redwood trees and take in incredible views of the Santa Cruz mountain range.

Day 2: Today, we will hike about 7 miles as we head away from the road into more secluded areas and into our first old growth Redwood Grove. After the grove, we will head up and over China Grade into genuinely massive Redwoods toward our second camp, Lane Camp.

Day 3: Day 3 will consist of hiking roughly 6 miles to the Big Basin Park Headquarters.  A shorter day on trail will allow for more time spent learning about the park itself.  Park Headquarters offer a half mile educational hike that teach about the Redwoods and its encompassing ecosystem.  The park also has a campfire program each night lead by park rangers.

Day 4: From Jay camp, we will make our way along Waddell Creek.  After a few miles of gradual decent we reach a junction where we climb up towards our next campsite, Sunset camp.  The often-unanticipated uphill is kindly greeted by beautiful views of Berry Creek falls, a series of three different waterfalls.

Day 5: On our last full day we will continue our descent out of the mountains, again, passing by Berry Creek falls to where it meets with Waddell Creek.  From there we will hike a few more miles to our last campsite, Twin Redwoods, which is situated right alongside Waddell Creek.

Day 6: Campers will leave their last camp at Twin Redwoods and take in spectacular views of the ocean as they head toward the Waddell Beach parking lot for a 12-1 o’clock pickup.

Note: Remember this is only a sample itinerary.

Other: During the week, participants will learn the hard skills of backpacking including tent and tarp shelter construction, map and compass use, orienteering, water treatment, stove use, plant and animal ID, etc… as well as participate in games and activities that will help build leadership and team building skills. They will also learn about the fascinating geology and rich cultural history of the area.

On all of our summer camps, we have a daily circle time in the morning where youth engage in group games, share highlights, offer praise to each other, stretch, review maps and day itineraries, and set individual and group goals for the day. Also, whether breaking on the trail or in the afternoon or evening in the campsite, our Guides also facilitate additional opportunities for youth to develop a personal connection with nature. Problem-solving and initiative games are common as are smiles. Additional outdoor skills are gained as we practice Leave no Trace principles and promote environmental stewardship throughout the length of the program.

Our Sunday through Friday program begins in
Saratoga Gap Preserve at 12pm on Sundays and ends at 12-1pm at the Waddell Beach on Friday.

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