Olympic National Park Transportation

Olympic National Park is located on the Olympic Peninsula in northern Washington, near the cities of Seattle and Tacoma. Transportation is mainly done by car, though limited public transport is available. Private companies can fill in the gaps. When driving to Olympic be aware of seasonal road closures and check your route beforehand.

Please note that GPS units do not always provide accurate directions to or within Olympic. Yosemite covers over 1,400 square miles. We do not recommend using GPS units for directions in and around Olympic. If you do use a GPS unit, just keep in mind that if there’s a conflict between what the road sign says and what your GPS unit says, the road sign is almost always correct (and your GPS unit isn’t).

Directions to Olympic

The following links take you to the Olympic National Park website for more info:


Transportation Resources


dungeness line – The best way to Port Angeles from Seattle. Provides two trips daily with direct transport from Seattle (SeaTac) Airport to Port Angeles. Adult tickets are about $42 each way.


Rocket Transportation – One of the few companies around Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula that offers transportation services to both SeaTac (Seattle Airport) and Port Angeles.


Summer Camp Transportation

For 2020 all of our summer camps will run from Sundays to Fridays.


Both our 6-Day Olympic High Country Adventure program (ages 13-18) and our Young Adventurer’s Program begin at the Sol Duc Trailhead at 12 pm on Sundays and end at 12-1pm back at the Sol Duc Trailhead on Fridays (locations and times subject to permitting).


Late arrivals may be able to be coordinated if set up at least 2 weeks prior to the trip date. Please contact our office to inquire on specific dates. Late arrivals cannot be coordinated the day of the trip, as cell connection to our guides is very limited/nonexistent.


SUMMER CAMP ADVENTURE SHUTTLE – Downtown Seattle to Sol Duc Trailhead
The Adventure Shuttle is administered by a partner of Lasting Adventures. The normal timing for the Adventure Shuttle is scheduled around SeaTac arrivals and is as follows: 9:45am @ King Street Station; 10:30am @ SeaTac (Seattle Airport); and 11:30am @ Tacoma Amtrak Station. Then delivery to Olympic for an arrival pre-coordinated with Lasting Adventures. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your child’s scheduled departure time. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated as the Adventure Shuttle is on a strict schedule. There are no refunds for late arrivals. If we have no arrivals at SeaTac, the pick-up in Seattle will be at approximately 8 am and in Tacoma at 8:45 am. You will be notified 1 week in advance of actual times.


Return transport on Fridays begins immediately after return to the trailhead at 12 pm. Arrival in Tacoma is around 3:30 pm, SeaTac around 4:15, and Seattle around 4:45 pm. These are all approximate times that can be adjusted based on the needs of the participants and as coordinated in advance with Lasting Adventures. We strongly advise against booking flights or trains that depart before 7 pm.


The cost for the Adventure Shuttle is $300 roundtrip and $185 one-way. Please choose the Adventure Shuttle add-on when checking out online and/or contact the Lasting Adventures office to schedule at [email protected] Please be sure to complete the additional Olympic Adventure Shuttle Registration Form for each participant if booking the Adventure Shuttle.