As permitted


12-15 Hours

Mileage | Rating

16 Miles
Very Strenuous


$350/ hiker

Meeting Location | Time
Curry Village Parking
Shuttle stop #14 @ 5:30 AM


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All confirmed trips with Lasting Adventures include the required entry permit, but not the entry fee, for the duration of the trip. On youth summer camps the entry documents are valid for pick-up and drop-off only, but no entry fee is required. We are not able to add extra days; please visit recreation.gov for Yosemite Entrance Reservations outside of your trip dates.

Half Dome Hike in a Day

The Half Dome hike in Yosemite is truly a trip of a lifetime! Hiking Half Dome in a day consists of a 16-mile round-trip trek that takes all day and ascends nearly 5,000 feet beside two majestic waterfalls and a steep cable route before arriving at the top of the famous 8,842′ granite dome. While this is one of the most strenuous day hikes in the park, our guides will take the necessary time to educate you on the natural history, geology, and prominent figures who helped shape Yosemite as we know it today.

Half Dome is the signature landmark of Yosemite National Park and the most photographed natural landmark in the world. Hiking to the top is a taxing ordeal, taking about 12 hours, yet it is one of the most popular hikes in the country and offers terrific scenery throughout. Day hikers will begin their journey in Happy Isles and ascend hundreds of steep granite steps via the steep Mist Trail next to both Vernal and Nevada Fall. This hike culminates with a steep cable system where you will climb the last 425 vertical feet using a 1/2-inch steel cable handrail. While it is a guaranteed adrenaline rush, our knowledgeable guides will provide guidance and techniques to keep you as comfortable as possible while ascending. Once atop this famous landmark (featured on the 2005 Quarter coin) you will have unparalleled views of Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point, El Capitan, Clouds Rest, Tenaya Canyon, and pretty much the entire Yosemite high country.

Hiking to Half Dome is a very strenuous hike that can provide a whole new sense of confidence and accomplishment. For many people, this is their Mt. Everest and is one of the most ambitious hikes they will ever undertake. Lasting Adventures, Inc. has guided well over 3,000 clients to the summit of Half Dome on hundreds of separate occasions. However, please note that while we aim to get everyone to the top, summiting is not guaranteed. Lightning and rain can be deadly on Half Dome and our experienced guides may have to call off a Half Dome summit bid if weather conditions are unfavorable. Our guides are proven leaders in the Yosemite backcountry and being the guide service with the most Half Dome experience, we have a reputation of knowledge and safety. Additionally, some type of conditioning or training is highly recommended to ensure a successful attempt at completing this hike.

Check Out the Half Dome Hike in a Day Experience!


The Half Dome hike is a long, challenging and a rewarding day. We will leave Curry Village to the nearby Happy Isles trailhead at 5:30 am and can expect to be back in the Valley around 6 pm if not later. (Plan accordingly) We strongly suggest you be physically prepared for this adventure. This is an “extremely strenuous” hike. Be prepared for sudden changes in weather and for the many aspects of the wilderness such as insects and animals. Feel free to contact us to discuss any recommendations for preparedness. We recommend training by progressing to 6-8 hour day hikes to include long steep hills along with weight training to prepare for the cable pull. (It’s also a good excuse to get outside.)


This was the best hike our family has ever done. It is strenuous so you will need to prepare for the trip. Our guide, Graham, was very friendly, easy-going, and knowledgeable which was great as we spent about 13 hours with him. He brought extra gear and was equipped for emergencies if they arose. He taught us about the history of half dome and gave us great advise on things to do while in Yosemite. By the end of the day, it felt like he was one of our group. I would definitely recommend lasting adventures! – Jen L. 

I hiked Half Dome in Yosemite with my daughter (16) & nephew (26). We used Lasting Adventures for guide services and we are very happy we did. They were very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. Our guide Alaina was fantastic, she knew the mountain, first aid, hiking tips and she was a pleasure to be around. She took the time to explain all of the points of interest along the way.This is a really long hike, it took us 14 hours to do the 21.5 miles round trip (I tracked it using a FitBit), it was honestly the hardest workout I have ever had in my life, but it was no regrets, worth it. That mountain is way too big with to do without an experienced guide. The scenery was so amazing, it was breathtaking. It was truly the most amazing trip I have ever taken. If I do this trip again (I’m thinking about it), I would use Lasting Adventures again in a heartbeat. – Reed T. 

I can not say enough good about my experience with lasting adventures. Communication leading up to trip excellent. Our guide, Kimball, was excellent. He was so organized, knowledgable, friendly, fun and encouraging to name a few. He really was so good with helping our group meet its goals. A guide is really worth the cost.. He kept us on track. Had extra supplies.. He really helped me find the best way up sub dome and gave great encouragement on cables. Thanks so much Lasting Adventures and Kimball! – Gal D.

What to Bring

  • Two one-quart wide-mouth water bottles full for departure. Hydration pack is okay too if you are comfortable carrying it. We will supply water filters for re-filling your bottles along the trail. Natural water is unsafe to drink.
  • Electrolyte powder of your taste preference (3/4 cup)
  • Food. pounds recommended. Carbohydrates are good! Examples include: 4-7 energy bars, trail mix, jerky, candy, etc. A pre-made bagel sandwich keeps its shape and tastes great on the summit!
  • Quality hiking boots are recommended. Trail shoes are okay. We prefer good soles and ankle support. ABSOLUTELY no tennis shoes – you will not be allowed to join this hike if you arrive wearing them.
  • Hiking socks – NO cotton
  • Lightweight shorts
  • Polypropylene shirt to help wick away sweat and keep you cool – NO cotton
  • Hat. Preferably one you can get wet to cool your head.
  • Facecloth or bandana
  • Sunscreen and Lip Balm
  • Flashlight – 4 AA minimum or a headlamp mandatory
  • Sunglasses
  • Small digital camera with neck strap
  • Trekking Poles are very helpful and advised (knee relief)
  • We provide nitrile rubber coated gloves for the cable ascent. They are super sticky and work. Feel free to bring your own pair if you wish.
  • Lightweight rain gear or shells for the Mist Trail and possible afternoon thunderstorm.
  • Blister prevention supplies
  • Fanny Pack or Daypack (whichever you prefer) to carry all of your necessities
  • Zip lock baggies for trash
  • Pre-hike dinner: Eat a balanced meal with nothing that may upset your stomach during the hike. Pre-hydrate that day and night.
  • Pre-hike breakfast: Bagels, muffins, juice, granola, apple, banana – use the bear boxes!

Our cost for the Half Dome in a Day Hike is $300 per hiker.  This price also includes a Lasting Adventures Half Dome t-shirt. Gratuities for guides are not required but are appreciated. Typically gratuities range from 10-20% of your trip’s total cost; not per guide.

Lasting Adventures, Inc. will bring first aid gear, water treatment supplies, toilet paper/trowel, extra sunscreen, and extra snacks!

Cancellation Policy

Day Hike Cancellation Policy:

On day hikes, we will offer no-charge cancellation until 7 days prior to the departure of the hike. Within 7 days of departure, but at least 72 hours prior to departure, a 50% cancellation fee applies. Within 72 hours there are no refunds.


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    If you have your own Half Dome Permits, please reach out to us at [email protected], and we can provide a 10% discount for obtaining your own permits (pending guide availability).

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