June – October


6-8 hours

Mileage | Rating

10 Miles


1 – 5 people: $500
6 + people: $100/each
All tours are private

Meeting Location | Time

Yosemite Valley Lodge
8 AM


4-Mile Trail to Glacier Point Day Hike

The 4-Mile Trail to Glacier Point day hike is a perfect option for visitors looking to challenge their fitness while experiencing some of the best views in Yosemite Valley. The tour begins at the iconic Yosemite Lodge, where guests and guides meet before strolling through the meadows and across the Merced River via the “Swinging Bridge” until we reach the base of the 4-Mile Trail. Here begins the day’s greatest challenge—the 3,200-vertical-foot ascent to Glacier Point! 4-Mile Trail (now 4.7 miles due to rock slides and changes over the years) is one of Yosemite’s earliest pioneer trails, and its view of El Capitan—the largest granite monolith in the world—only improves as you climb higher! Upon reaching Glacier Point, your guide will lead you through a comprehensive tour, pointing out awe-inspiring features including Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, Yosemite, Vernal and Nevada Falls, and more. Once you’ve had your fill of the view, we’ll hike back down the 4-Mile Trail, enjoy a short, level stroll across the valley, and return to the Yosemite Lodge to end the tour.

Check Out the 4-Mile Trail to Glacier Point Experience!


Meeting Location: Yosemite Valley Lodge at 4,035′
High Point: Glacier Point: 7,214′
Elevation Gain/Loss: +3,179′, -3,179

The Glacier Point hike begins when you meet your guide at the Yosemite Lodge (across from Yosemite Falls in Yosemite Valley) at 8am. After a quick meet and greet,  the tour gets underway with an easy stroll across Yosemite Valley,  through the meadows and over the “Swinging Bridge” (it doesn’t actually swing, but it’s still really cool) with a surreal view of the valley walls all around. Reaching the south side of the valley, you’ll find the 4-Mile Trail and begin your greatest challenge of the day. The 4-Mile Trail—which is actually 4.7-miles long due to rock slides and changes over the years—is is one of the early pioneer trails built within the park, and while it’s known for being strenuous, it’s also world-famous for its breathtaking views. Go at your own pace, stop to rest along the way and take ample time to admire the stunning surroundings as you climb into the sky.

Upon reaching Glacier Point, your mind will be blown away by one of the most comprehensive viewpoints in Yosemite, with incredible views of Half Dome, Vernal Fall, Nevada Fall, Yosemite Falls, Cloud’s Rest and much more! This is where your guides’ knowledge will shine as they unveil lesser known facts and history about everything you see. After some lunch and a tour atop Glacier Point, descend back down the 4-Mile Trail switchbacks into Yosemite Valley. Don’t forget to stop for some pictures at Union Point on the way!

We will end our day with a level hike along the Merced and back over “Swinging Bridge” before returning to the Yosemite Lodge. As time permits- we will cross the road from the Yosemite Lodge and tour the base of Yosemite Falls.


  • All tours are private. (See our: Yosemite Daily Adventure for an economical option that is also open to others to join and perfect for the solo-traveler.)
  • Guide(s) carry first aid kits, water purification methods, toilet paper (for emergencies), suntan lotion and bug repellent. Please plan to bring your own lunch, snacks, water bottles, etc.
  • Should weather, fire, and/or delayed seasonal openings affect the chosen itinerary, a different itinerary will be offered. You will be kept in contact throughout this process.


Cancellation Policy

Day Hike Cancellation Policy:

Day Hike Cancellation Policy: Full refund less a $25 per/person processing fee if more than 30 days out, 50% refund with 72 hours notice, no refund within 72 hours.



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