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Varies; see below

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Varies by date; possible meeting locations are: Tuolumne Meadows, or Yosemite Valley at Curry Village.

4 pm

4D/3N Private Backpacking Trips

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$807.50 each

(after group discount)

5D/4N Private Backpacking Trips

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$1041.25 each

(after group discount)

6D/5N Private Backpacking Trips

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$1275 each

(after group discount)

Important Information:

Dates available are the same for all trips, regardless of duration.

All trips must have at least one adult participant.

Private trips are only for members of the same household.

We will be evaluating each trip according to our internal criteria, including staffing levels and availability. Not every trip will be able to be accepted.

Join us for a private, multi-day backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park!


See some of the best of what Yosemite has to offer on a multi-day Backpacking Trip in Yosemite! Keep it private with just you and your family while enjoying the great outdoors. Our most common trip lengths are 4, 5, or 6 days, and are available to book above; if you would like a longer trip, please reach out to us at [email protected]

We have a variety of Wilderness Permits in Yosemite throughout the summer. Dates are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Meeting locations will be determined by the permit we have available on the day you booked for; most meeting locations will be in Tuolumne Meadows, though some will start in Yosemite Valley at Curry Village.

We are avoiding providing transportation this year, so most backpacks will be a loop or an out-and-back trip.

We require at least 3 participants for a trip, and are currently capped at 8 due to Yosemite Park regulations. All trips must have at least one adult.

Check out photos from around Yosemite!


Day 1: Meet your guide at your designated meeting location at 4 pm.  Your guide will help you do a pack check and give a helpful packing demonstration.  Tonight will be spent in a backpacker’s campground in Yosemite.

Day 2+: Once everyone is ready to hit the trail a quick stretching circle and daily debrief will take place. Your journey will take you 4-8 miles, stopping at viewpoints along the way. We’ll plan on camping along a lake, stream, or other water source, where your guide will cook you a healthy meal, followed by stories and a beautiful sunset.

Last Day: On your final day, you will be greeted with a warm drink as we break down camp and prepare breakfast.  Afterward, the hike back to your vehicle will begin.



We include backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, pads, trekking poles, and eating utensils at NO EXTRA COST as needed. All profits from our guided trips go towards our non-profit youth summer camp program.

Note: All trips are subject to Lasting Adventures obtaining the necessary wilderness permits. Although our success rate is 98%, should we not obtain the exact trail-head, a trip of equal quality will be obtained. Should weather, fire, and/or delayed seasonal openings affect the chosen itinerary, a different itinerary will be offered. Lasting Adventures is recognized for its commitment to safety and risk management. Itineraries may be changed in order to minimize risk exposure.

*All trips are pending permit availability which we gain around mid-late February. Please refrain from making travel arrangements until we have confirmed dates.



Departure Dates in Yosemite National Park:

    July Departure Dates  

  • Fri, Jul 3rd -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Sat, Jul 4th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Sun, Jul 5th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Mon, Jul 6th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Tue, Jul 7th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Wed, Jul 8th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Fri, Jul 10th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Sat, Jul 11th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Sun, Jul 12th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Mon, Jul 13th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Tue, Jul 14th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Wed, Jul 15th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Fri, Jul 17th -
    Sorry, Sold Out
  • Sat, Jul 18th -
  • Sun, Jul 19th -
  • Wed, Jul 22nd -
  • Thu, Jul 23rd -
  • Sat, Jul 25th -
  • Sun, Jul 26th -
  • Mon, Jul 27th -
  • Tue, Jul 28th -
  • Thu, Jul 30th -
  • Fri, Jul 31st -

    August Departure Dates  

  • Sat, Aug 1st -
  • Sun, Aug 2nd -
  • Mon, Aug 3rd -
  • Tue, Aug 4th -
  • Wed, Aug 5th -
  • Thu, Aug 6th -
  • Fri, Aug 7th -
  • Sat, Aug 8th -
  • Sun, Aug 9th -
  • Mon, Aug 10th -
  • Wed, Aug 12th -
  • Thu, Aug 13th -
  • Fri, Aug 14th -
  • Mon, Aug 17th -
  • Tue, Aug 18th -
  • Wed, Aug 19th -
  • Thu, Aug 20th -
  • Mon, Aug 24th -
  • Tue, Aug 25th -
  • Thu, Aug 27th -
  • Fri, Aug 28th -
  • Sat, Aug 29th -
  • Sun, Aug 30th -
  • Mon, Aug 31st -

    September Departure Dates  

  • Thu, Sep 3rd -
  • Sat, Sep 5th -
  • Sun, Sep 6th -
  • Mon, Sep 7th -
  • Wed, Sep 9th -
  • Thu, Sep 10th -
  • Fri, Sep 11th -
  • Sun, Sep 13th -
  • Thu, Sep 17th -
  • Sun, Sep 20th -
  • Wed, Sep 23rd -
  • Thu, Sep 24th -
  • Sat, Sep 26th -
  • Wed, Sep 30th -

    October Departure Dates  

  • Fri, Oct 2nd -
  • Tue, Oct 6th -

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