5 days

Mileage | Rating

26.5 Miles



Meeting Location | Time

Butte Lake Trailhead

12 pm


See what the Lassen Lakes Loop has to offer!


Lassen Volcanic National Park has a lot to offer for the both first time and the experienced backpacker. On this 5 day trek, we will be hiking along the lava beds and painted dunes that make Lassen National Park famous. We will also have the opportunity to hike up the the top of Cinder Cone for sunrise, and hike all the way down into the crater to check out the unique geological features. Each night we will be camping at a lake along our route, so bring your swimsuit!. Our days average about 5 miles a day, giving you plenty of time to swim, relax by the water, and explore the area. The total mileage for this trip is 26.5 miles.

Check out photos from the Lassen Lakes Loop Backpacking Trip!


Day 1: Meet your guide at the Butte Lakes parking area at 12 pm.  Your guide will help you do one final pack check and give a helpful backpacking demonstration.  Get to know your group before heading out to Widow Lake, a four mile hike.

Day 2: Your guide will greet you in the morning with warm drinks ready to go, and will prepare your breakfast and help you begin breaking down camp.  Once everyone is ready to hit the trail a quick stretching circle and daily debrief will take place. Your journey will take you to Jakey Lake, six miles further into the wilderness.

Day 3: With a morning routine falling into place, you will again be greeted with a warm drink as we break down camp and prepare breakfast.  Today’s hike will be a five mile hike to Horseshoe Lake, one of the larger lakes in the park and an excellent place for a mid-trip swim.

Day 4: Beginning your journey back, day four will consist of a five mile day to Snag Lake. Nestled right next to the Majestic Lava Beds, Snag Lake is another good opportunity for swimming on the trip.  An early night of relaxation and winding down will be necessary in order to prepare yourself for the alpine start the following day.

Day 5: Your guide will wake you up before the sun is up on your final day in order to make for the summit of Cinder Cone for a breathtaking sunrise.  Views will include the Majestic Lava Beds, Painted Dunes, Lassen Peak, and Butte and Snag Lakes. Once reaching the summit, a two mile hike will complete your journey back to the cars at Butte Lake.



We include backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, pads, trekking poles, and eating utensils at NO EXTRA COST as needed. All profits from our guided trips go towards our non-profit youth summer camp program.

Note: All trips are subject to Lasting Adventures obtaining the necessary wilderness permits. Although our success rate is 98%, should we not obtain the exact trail-head, a trip of equal quality will be obtained. Should weather, fire, and/or delayed seasonal openings affect the chosen itinerary, a different itinerary will be offered. Lasting Adventures is recognized for its commitment to safety and risk management. Itineraries may be changed in order to minimize risk exposure.

*All trips are pending permit availability which we gain around mid-late February. Please refrain from making travel arrangements until we have confirmed dates.



Departure Dates from Butte Lake:

    June Departure Dates  

  • Mon, Jun 14th - Fri, Jun 18th
  • July Departure Dates  

  • Wed, Jul 7th - Sun, Jul 11th
  • Fri, Jul 30th - Tue, Aug 3rd

    August Departure Dates  

  • Mon, Aug 9th - Fri, Aug 13th
  • Sun, Aug 22nd - Thu, Aug 26th



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