Half Dome – Summer Camp

The Half Dome Hike as part of our Summer Camps


Hiking Half Dome during our summer camp is very different than hiking Half Dome in a day from the Valley floor. On day hikes, clients can expect a 12-15 hour day, hiking 16-18 miles with a total elevation change of almost 5,000′ up and 5,000′ down. This is done at high elevation.


On our Summer Camp programs we only include Half Dome if we gain enough permits for all participants. Half Dome is usually on the last afternoon or last morning of the week, thus giving participants plenty of time to get acclimated and used to the elevation and Yosemite trails. Half Dome is done without our large backpacks and participants take turns carrying day-packs with their water, food, jackets, and other equipment. From one of two campsites we use, the hike to Half Dome is either 2.5 miles or 4 miles in length.


This hike culminates with the cable system, where we climb the last 425 vertical feet using a 1/2-inch steel cable handrail, with wood 2×4’s to help you stand on the rock every 10 feet. Lasting Adventures utilizes a practiced and safety conscious method of spacing youth out between leaders as we ascend and descend.


Half Dome is not a requirement and is “Challenge by Choice.” Lasting Adventures, Inc. has guided over 3,000 clients to the top of Half Dome well over 200 times. Lasting Adventures is the one guide service with the most experience guiding Half Dome.