Don’t be fooled by news about “Yosemite Closing”

Yosemite will not close in full this summer

Yosemite has issued warning that ONLY the eastern section of the Yosemite Valley may be closed preemptively due to flooding risks when the temperatures rise and the snow melt increases rapidly. This is one very small 4-5 square-mile area within the larger park that is nearly 1200 square miles in area. We will continue to run our backpacking trips and day hikes throughout the summer. If your day hike or trip is scheduled to meet in the eastern section of Yosemite Valley and it is scheduled to close preemptively for flooding concerns; we will contact you to reschedule to another meeting area, or to a new date. For more information see our 2023 Yosemite Snowpack and Summer Expectations blog.