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20 customer reviews from a 5-star summer "Customer" isn't the right word for guests of Lasting Adventures' guided backpacking trips and summer camps. Sure we're hired guides, but it only takes a day or two on trail to realize the relationship roots much deeper than business....

Takeaways From A Yosemite Retreat For Women Fighting Cancer by Nicole Frati, Lasting Adventures guide “We are so thankful you are here.” Those were the first words that came out of Laura’s mouth as I walked up to her and nine other smiling women for the start of...

[rl_gallery id="12354"] How Yosemite's best backpacking guides prepare for summer in the backcountry. Photos by Quinn Sullivan & Mike Misselwitz A lot more goes into staff training at Lasting Adventures than learning life and wilderness skills, safety protocols, customer service and food prep. Every year at the beginning...

After months of heavy precipitation in the Sierras, a unique and spectacular season for Yosemite waterfalls has arrived! Spring is in the air in Yosemite, and as the snow melts after an exceptionally heavy winter in the backcountry, a fleeting and truly outstanding waterfall season is...

We can't know exactly when Yosemite seasonal openings will occur, but we can guess! So, let's have a contest. "Guess the Openings" Giveaway: Win $500 toward your next Lasting Adventure! Rounding into adventure summer camp and backpacking season in Yosemite, every year mother nature presents a few...

Comfort Zone: Unknown | A Yosemite Adventure in Pursuit of Progress by Michael Misselwitz, Lasting Adventures content director/guide Leaving our comfort zones can be difficult, especially when we’re not used to doing so. That’s the beauty of doing it, a challenge that often contributes to the worth...