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Standing Proud: A Half Dome Summit On Opening Day   Everyone has people in their lives, places, and unique things about themselves that makes them proud to be who they are. For me, a recent experience guiding our first Half Dome in a Day hike of the season...

A collection of trail-inspired tunes to set you free wherever you may be. It’s wintertime, and the Sierras are covering themselves in a beautiful blanket of wild, unpredictable, fuzzy snow. That hasn't stopped us from getting into the wilderness with some adventurous snowshoeing friends this season,...

Written By Juliet Ramirez I grew up in a small town on the Gulf Coast where I was taught to be pretty, not strong. I was bookish. I thrived in school, but I never thought of myself as athletic or particularly capable in the wilderness. I...

Written By Riley Cox Jeff was not a large man, but neither was he small. At about 5’ 10”,  his legs were like tree trunks, his powerful calves rippling with exertion as he climbed his way up the smooth granite dome. He farts, a loud trumpet sound...

For many of us, dropping temperatures are a sign to head indoors. We squeeze in a few day hikes when the fall weather is charming and perfect, but it seems our backpacking packs and tents find a cozy spot in our closets and begin their...

Halloween is right around the corner. Here in Yosemite that means a few things- The aspen are turning a gorgeously yellow, the tops of the high country peaks are being dusted with snow, and everyone is gearing up to dress big and celebrate Halloween. It...