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Young Women’s Adventure Program

This season Lasting Adventures is offering an all girl 13-day Young Women’s Adventure Program aimed at instilling confidence and leadership skills to the next generation of female adventurers and entrepreneurs while teaching the practical skills of backpacking and outdoor safety. This unique program, led by our top female guides, will focus on showing young women their true potential in both an outdoor setting and in their day-to-day lives. A recent article in the Atlantic titled “The Confidence Gap” discusses particular challenges young women face in society, namely a startling lack of confidence compared to their male counterparts. As Richard Petty, a psychology professor at Ohio State University notes, “Confidence is not, as we once believed, just feeling good about yourself…Confidence is the stuff that turns thoughts into actions.”

Through our adventure-based programming, campers will be challenged to turn their goals and dreams into action on a daily basis by utilizing perseverance and determination to summit mountains and accomplish feats they never imagined. While trekking the glorious Sierra Nevada mountain range, these young explorers will also get a crash course on influential female adventurers in Yosemite’s history like the wild sisters Stella, Bertha and Mabel Sweet who in 1896 climbed Mt. Lyell, the highest peak in the park, sporting full fashion of the time including hats and dresses as well as Clare Marie Hodges, first woman ranger in Yosemite and Maggie Howard, a Paiute born at Mono Lake,who spent much of her life in Yosemite Valley.

With the knowledge of the great legacy of women who came before them, this 13 day backpacking trip through high altitude mountains lakes and meadows will leave young women with a sense of self empowerment and confidence that they will be able to apply in every facet of their lives.

Summer 2017 Specifics:

Dates July 3-15 or July 30-Aug. 11
Cost: $1750
*Includes bus transport within park.

Open to young women ages 14-18


Other Considerations:

Space is limited!

Our Young Women’s Adventure Program is currently open to female participants in between 14-18 years old.

Our Sunday through Friday program begins in Tuolumne Meadows at 12pm on Sundays and ends at 12-1pm at the Half Dome Village Pizza Patio on Friday.

Our Monday through Saturday program both begins and ends in Half Dome Village within Yosemite Valley. Drop-off is Mondays at 12pm and pick-up is on Saturdays at 12-1pm in the Half Dome Village pizza patio.

Scholarship Application – Every youth deserves this opportunity!

2017 Trip Specifics:

Length: 13 Days
Mileage: 60-70 Miles
Rating: Moderate-Strenuous
Ages: 14-18
Cost: $1750
Mon-Sat Dates: July 3-15
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Meet: Half Dome Village, 12pm
Sun-Fri Dates: July 30-Aug. 11
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Meet: Tuolumne Meadows, 12pm
All Pick-Ups: Half Dome Village Pizza, 12-1pm