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Take Only Photos, Leave Only Footprints

Discovering the Importance of LNT Principals By: Kimball Stewart With well over 5 million people visiting Yosemite National Park this past year, understanding an individual’s impact on the land is critical. Like with all of our protected lands, we love Yosemite because it offers us a taste of the wilderness—or at least of the environment unscathed by human activity. Of course, Yosemite is not wholly un-impacted by people. Anyone who sets foot in the valley knows this. There are roads, hotels, traffic jams, dumpsters, and honking horns. With such high visitation, it’s hard to find utter solitude and a landscape that … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Reasons To Get Your Child Wilderness Certified

  By: Amelia Roland Believe it or not, summer is only a few months away! We know it can be hard to motivate your child into participating in anything other than group chats and Netflix binges, but what if we told you your child can have an amazing summer experience, gain leadership skills and confidence in the outdoors!? Oh and did we mention that we would also be taking them off your hands for a few weeks? Sounds too good to be true right? Here at Lasting Adventures we’ve run countless youth programs in Yosemite since we first got our … Continue reading

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Baby Your Booties and Save Your Soles

5 Tips on Walking Confidently on Your Next Adventure! By: William Heaps Last fall my wife and I travelled to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago. In my last entry, “START. TODAY.”, I discussed the history of the trail and the call it gives us to begin wherever we are and jump into life’s adventures. While I urge everyone to put aside hesitations, I do strongly suggest you follow the number one rule of adventuring: preparation. As we began to plan our trip over to Europe, we took everything into account. We had list after list of needed gear … Continue reading

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A Month in the Backcountry

How a 30 day Adventure in the Wilderness Will Change your Life By: Kimball Stewart (For more details, visit Yosemite Leadership Expedition.) A short backpacking trip is often enough to instill delight and gratification beyond what many other activities can offer. By simply stepping into the wilderness for a few days—and leaving the routines of your day-to-day life behind—it’s possible to experience an overwhelming sense of relief and rejuvenation. And for most people, a few days is all it takes. But to remain in the wilderness for an extended period of time can multiply these effects. To anyone who is … Continue reading

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How to Get a Job in the Outdoors

Tips and Lessons learned from Yosemite’s #1 rated Guide Service By: Amelia Roland So you want to be a guide?  I mean who wouldn’t right? Get paid to work in the outdoors and take people away from their mundane cubicles on “once in a lifetime” adventures…sounds like a dream! In this #OptOutside generation more and more people are turning to seasonal employment. While scoffed at by some, seasonal employment allows you the freedom to travel and build your resume without the pressure or paperwork of a 9 to 5 job. Once you’ve finish convincing your parents that you’re not throwing … Continue reading

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Backcountry Gourmet!

Five Backpacking Recipes You’ll Drool Over By: Kimball Stewart Most people equate backpacking food with dehydrated food. Simply adding hot water to a bag of ingredients is easy and surprisingly tasty, but it’s not the only way to eat in the backcountry. After a long day spent on the trail, hunger can be an unwieldy beast. As a 24 year-old with a perpetually ravenous appetite, I have been known to eat just about anything—regardless of if I hiked that day or not. I certainly appreciate easy-to-cook meals, but after a while they wear out their welcome. For me, it’s worth putting … Continue reading

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What the Camino de Santiago teaches us about the first step. By: Will Heaps The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage that traditionally passes through the northern provinces of Spain. It was walked 1,000 years before Christ in celebration of the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. The route ended at Finisterre, meaning “the end of the earth”, which was believed to be the westernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula. This made it the best viewpoint of the resting place of the sun as it descended past the horizon. About 900 years after the death of Christ and his main … Continue reading

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No Half Dome Permit? No Problem!

The Best Yosemite Summits Without a Permit By: Otto Ross No Half Dome Permit? No Problem! While Half Dome is certainly an iconic Yosemite destination, acquiring permits in the lottery can be an arduous and frustrating ordeal. Here are five amazing summits in Yosemite National Park that allow you to skip the permit process but still take in the most amazing hiking and views Yosemite National Park has to offer. However, in case you’re not convinced by the end of this list to give up your Half Dome summit bid, let us help you get your permits for a Half … Continue reading

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Our Winter Review: Oros Apparel

  Review of Oros Apparel from Yosemite Wilderness Guides We love summer! It’s our season. The weather is warm, the grass is green and the backcountry campfires seem endless. So needless to say when we decided to offer winter trips for the first time we didn’t entirely know what we were getting ourselves into. Sure I’d considered myself a seasoned snow person. I’ve been snowboarding since I was an awkward teen and even lived in Tahoe for a winter season a few years back, but the wintery isolated trails of Yosemite Valley are a far cry from the groomed runs … Continue reading

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Featured Gear Review: Gregory’s Jade and Zulu Backpacks

Looking for a new backpack? Read our review on Gregory’s Jade and Zulu backpacks! This year we put Gregory’s latest packs, the Zulu & Jade, up to the test of a busy summer season with Yosemite’s #1 rated guide company. Here’s our take on how they did out there in the wilderness. Here at Lasting Adventures, we have been long time fans of Gregory Mountain Products. With over 20 years under our belts of taking youth and adults alike into the Yosemite wilderness, we’ve come to rely on Gregory’s durable design to get us through trip after trip. Needless to say, the … Continue reading

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